New from Spotify lets you create your top 5 favorite songs

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Spotify is the most used music streaming application among Android users in Spain. It is an application that is updated frequently, in fact they work on many new functions. One feature that is already reaching users in the application is Eternal Favorites, which you have probably already seen in your account.

Thanks to Eternal Favorites you will be able to choose your five favorite songs, the ones you like the most or the ones you think are the five best songs ever, so you can later share them with your friends on social networks. A function that will thus allow sharing music from Spotify in a simpler way. We show you how it works below.

Select and share your favorite songs on Spotify

Spotify Eternal Favorites

Eternal Favorites has started to arrive this week to users on Spotify. Thanks to this function, you can choose five songs or podcasts, which you consider your favorites or simply the best in history. This list that you have created, you will then be able to share with your friends. Since the application lets you share this in your stories on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter as well as send it through messaging applications. The steps to use this function are:

  1. Open Spotify on your phone.
  2. Click on the Eternal Favorites option, which appears on the home screen, in a banner.
  3. Tap on Add a song or podcast to start adding songs or podcasts.
  4. Search for a song.
  5. To add it, click on the + button next to it.
  6. Once you have selected five, click on the share button.
  7. Choose how to share this list with your friends.

Besides sharing it, the application allows you to download this list of your Eternal Favorites. Although the songs are not downloaded, it downloads a photo that shows this list of the five songs that you have chosen in your case. If you want you can save the photo or you can share it with your friends also through messaging applications, mail or simply upload it to one of your accounts on social networks. If at any time you want, you can change the songs on the list.

Eternal Spotify Favorites

This function is already being rolled out among users Spotify on Android, so if you have the application installed, it is likely that you will already see this section of Eternal Favorites on the home page of the application. So create these lists to your liking and share them with your friends.

New from Spotify lets you create your top 5 favorite songs 1


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