New from Google ends voice problems in video calls

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Google Duo

Since what happened during 2020 in Spain and the rest of the world, video calls have turned out to be a key application to keep in touch. Whether due to confinement or because we are hundreds of miles from our loved ones, technology has proven useful and is much more accepted.

However, it is not a perfect technology, and in situations with connection problems, cuts in the image and voice end up. Google has created a technology with which you can follow the conversation even if you have internet problems.

Google’s new codec avoids voice problems

The codec is one of the fundamental parts of any application that uses streaming video or audio. Whether it is to watch a Netflix series or make a video call, the codec is a key piece that allows us to enjoy content with reduced data consumption without loss of quality.

Google has made use of artificial intelligence to create a much more efficient codec that they have called Lyra. This codec stands out for achieving high definition with a bandwidth use of 3 Kbps. As shown, they have compared Lyra with Opus, one of the best current codecs, which presents audio problems when it is limited to 6 Kbps.

New from Google ends voice problems in video calls 1

According to Google, combining the Lyra audio codec with the AV1 video codec that they already integrated a few months ago, it is possible to make video calls even with a 56 Kbps connection like the internet that we had on a telephone line 20 years ago or in countries with problems of connection.

The new Lyra codec is starting to arrive on Duo for Android and will be available to everyone shortly. The update is in the rollout process, so your video calls will soon sound good even with audio problems.

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