New Firefox Beta: radical change in the design

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New Firefox Beta: radical change in the design 1

In the Play Store we find several beta versions of Firefoxas a Preview, or Nightly, a few versions that are kept up to date routinely with new functions. Mozilla also Firefox Beta, a beta version of the browser, which is now updated with a new design. A change of remarkable design which we find ourselves.

This new update of Firefox Beta has started to release already, it is already reaching users on Android they have installed. It is a version that is based in part on an update that Preview got last February of official, debuting the new design

New design

New Firefox Beta: radical change in the design 2

In this case, we have a minimalist design and modernthat enables easy navigation at all times when using Firefox Beta. You can use several search engines, it gives that option at the time of search but also in the settings of the browser, with options such as Bing or Duck Duck Go, among other, for a few searches private. The navigation is fluid at all times, without interruption or discomfort.

The privacy options have increased, being able to choose if we want to be able to track data, choosing to block certain options. In addition, it is possible to start a private session, to browse without leaving a trace when you are using the browser on our Android phone at all times. Also account with your password manager native.

New Firefox Beta: radical change in the design 3

This new update of Firefox Beta is now availablealthough the version that we find in the Play Store is not the latest that there is. Luckily, if you want to try this new version and have the new design in this version, which is the design that launched this spring in a Preview, you can download the APK from APK Mirror, at this link. Thanks to it, you’ll be able to test all the novelties of this new version. We leave you with the link to the Play Store also, which should be updated soon with this new version.

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