New festival and map improvements

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PUBG Mobile is preparing to end Royale Pass 17 and welcome its third anniversary on the Android platform. With this, they have released the new update patch 1.3 of the battle royale, and there are many news and improvements already available. The update is now available through the Play Store and has a approximate weight of 640 MB for Android devices. Here are the patch notes for you.


A music festival in the Fortnite style

A whole ‘Hundred of Rhythms’. This is the name that Tencent has thought for its musical event, very much in the style of what was executed in Fortnite, its eternal rival. However, it will not be a merely commemorative event, but it will serve as a key place to get objects and other rewards.

In this way, the party begins at the electronic music festival. The Music Armband grants 3 special abilities. What you can do is choose the skill that suits you best, improve the skill by collecting scattered cassettes, and dominate the battlefield with the help of your skill. Choose Erangel from the map selection screen to experience this exclusive game mode.

pubg mobile 1.3

Players can also find a new chapter to play called Metro Royale: Uncover. In this mode, you will have the option to jump into a game disguised as an NPC, so you will play undercover while searching for your enemies. On the other hand, a new Power Armor mode will also be included in the menu to play it every Friday, Saturday and Sunday; plus a new sniper rifle and a new glider. We also know that the next season will start on March 17.

Rest of news in PUBG Mobile 1.3

This update incorporates several phases in which objects and elements will be gradually included. In this way, from March 31, players can collect clown tokens and exchange them by the following strategic elements in the clown shop vehicle: information about the next play area, the next airdrop, and the density of enemies throughout the map. A wall of music graffiti will also appear next to Graffiti Square on Spawn Island in classic Erangel mode. Each square represents different notes of the same melody.

As we mentioned before, new vehicles are also included to navigate the map more quickly. Specifically, we are going to have a Glider and Motor Glider. First of all, power gliders can now be found in Erangel and Miramar. They will appear randomly on these two maps. Second, the Motor Glider is a 2 person vehicle consisting of a front seat for the pilot and a rear seat from which a passenger can fire.