New features of MIUI 12 for Xiaomi showed in video

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Xiaomi continued working on that will be your new interface for Android, MIUI 12that should arrive in the stable version in the coming months. By now there are a few those who have access to the version in testing, and because of this we are getting to know new functions.

A few weeks ago, we told you what would be some of his early features, such as new gestures, improved multi-tasking or the notifications, and a dark mode more advanced. We found out later that it was the first list of phones that would receive this update.

New function to know the time of use of the apps

MIUI gets to the height of other interfaces allowing us to know how much time we use to the day the mobile screen, each of the applications, and even make comparisons along a week.

New features of MIUI 12 for Xiaomi showed in video

Focus Mode in MIUI 12

A function similar to the Zen Mode of OnePlus allows us to remove the notifications during a particular period to be able to concentrate on a task. We can go from 20 minutes up to three hours.

Refresh rate of screen

This feature does not appear detailed for now on MIUI 12, even if it makes act of presence. It is possible that us access to an advanced configuration of the refresh rate of the screen depending on the applications, but it is only a hypothesis.

New features of MIUI 12 for Xiaomi showed in video 1

MIUI 12 will also have mode anti blink

The last function allows to reduce the flickering of the screen when we have a brightness very low, reducing the visual fatigue that can cause this type of use.

All these features can be seen in the following video, although it is highly likely that you do not understand the language.

Watch video

We don’t know when we will start to get MIUI 12 in the phones of Xiaomi and the Redmi, but surely before that starts to happen we have news about new features and functions of this interface.

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