New Elite Pass with the arrival of the Wonder World

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It coincides with the arrival of the Wonder World, a play on words that refers to the now mythical story of Alice in Wonderland. This is where we will be able to obtain numerous rewards with this setting, and that we will be able to add to our collection.

Garena Free Fire: New Start
Garena Free Fire: New Start

A world to discover and many gifts in the new event

As in another famous title such as Genshin Impact, this battle royale always tries to deceive each character as Paloma or each scenario in a plot background, with the intention of creating a story. This case was not going to be less, counting on their respective antecedents.

To two of the most famous detectives in town, Mads and Alisha, they have been tasked with discovering who is behind the theft of a prestigious museum filled with priceless historical treasures. But the most mysterious thing is that heThieves didn’t take anything of value… apparently.

While investigating, the thieves have returned to the crime scene to finish the job they started, so Mads and Alisha they must take immediate action to catch the thieves and hand them over to the authorities. Even with their skillful escape, the thieves leave behind important clues about who are they and what reasons could they have to commit the crime.

rewards new elite pass free fire

The main characters of this pass, the Magic hatter and the Miss marvel They were created to resemble Mads and Alisha. However, the designers of Free Fire have been inspired by the real protagonists of the story, but with a more grown version.

Something important that we must review are the gifts that we can obtain at this event. Among the rewards, there are no new typical Free Fire emotes, but they can be obtained is the backpack skin, Wonder box, the skin for box Curious Tophat, the skin for grenade Bunny countdown, the skin for surfboard Royal Hearths and the skin for weapons M1873 Wonder World.

Get the Elite Pass now in Free Fire

To enjoy all these benefits, we must obtain the new Elite Pass. The Elite Pass is the second modality of the Fire Pass, which can be enabled with the purchase of diamonds. You just have to follow these steps:

Step 1: Select the “Fire Pass” chest from the main menu.

Step 2: After watching a cinematic, the game will allow you to choose if you want to choose to buy the Elite Pass or the Elite Package, the difference lies in the items that are explained there.

Step 3: After you have purchased it, you will be able to see your journey of badges and what item you can get each time you unlock one.

Remember that the rewards of the Elite Pass are only available for the duration of that season, then there will be no way to get them again. So if you want to solve the mystery of Wonder World and start collecting your promotional items, you will have to hurry up and do it as soon as possible.