New design for the app store

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Table of Contents

This app store has the main advantage of being open source, apart from having so many differences with respect to the veteran Google store.

A nice and unexpected interface change

For those who are still skeptical of the Aurora Store catalog, it is an open source alternative to Google Play that does not require Google services to work on Android phones. Even those that do: Aurora allows the download of any free app quickly and easily. This update gives it a new impetus, although it was not as urgent as one might expect.

Certainly, Aurora Store is not that it had a rough design since its appearance was favored by a fairly intuitive use, also the download of the respective applications in the form of APK files. Still, the developers decided boost your layout by bringing it closer to the native Android store. Therefore, version 4 of Aurora Store is the one that affects the interface change.

Aurora Store 4 redesigns the cover, download and update menus, it also offers information on the tabs in a more readable way. The store foundation itself is unchanged, but ease of use certainly improves the overall Aurora experience. Everything without requiring Google Play services, which makes Aurora Store a highly recommended app. Both for those who do not have Google Play Store on their phone and for those who do.

Rest of the news in Aurora Store 4 and its download

Apart from all this change in the aesthetics of the tempt, there have not only been those modifications. The full changelog for Aurora Store v4.0.2 is as follows:

  • New GPlay API
  • New improved user interface
  • Best app installers
  • Theme engine
  • Bug fixes and improvements

aurora store 4 update

As it does not use Google services and does use a different system, the way to update it is also different. If you are running an older version of the application, you should receive a message to download the latest update. Alternatively, you can also get the latest version of GitLab or to its official website where the download file is provided.

We must remember that Aurora Store works on any device with Android 5 or higher. It is mainly used on devices that do not have Google Play services installed (call them Huawei) and provides access to almost all the applications and games available on the Google Play Store, including those that are no longer there.