New Amazfit ZenBuds: headphones to help you sleep

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New Amazfit ZenBuds: headphones to help you sleep 1

Amazfit it is a known brand for many users in Spain, as they have a range of watches and wristbands of activity is quite wide, with models such as the Amazfit Ares presented this spring. But the brand has a wider range of products, as they have just introduce their new headphones in a formal way: the Amazfit ZenBuds.

Although these Amazfit ZenBuds are not the headphones either, but that this is a set of headphones to help you sleep. The headphones played soothing sounds, with which you’ll be able to sleep or help you to concentrate at times when you need to, as to study or simply if you’re looking to relax.

Amazfit ZenBuds: wireless headphones to relax

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The design of these Amazfit ZenBuds is intended for use at bedtime or a nap, as they have an ergonomic design and noise cancellation, so that the sound from the outside is going to isolate at all times when you’re using them. This design will help to a better concentration when you are using it. In addition, they are very light, since each handset has a weight of 1.78 grams.

When we are put, thanks to the official application, it will begin to play soothing sounds. In the application we have the possibility of putting a timer, to start and detect such reproduction and can detect when we are asleep, although we can also do that go to play these sounds all night and even set alarms, so that we wake up at a specific time.

The Amazfit ZenBuds include monitoring of sleep, whose data are included in the application, as if you were using a bracelet. In addition, you will be able to use also while I work, since they have a timer that plays sounds that allow you to concentrate when doing tasks. They also have the ability to play notifications that arrive to the phone.

New Amazfit ZenBuds: headphones to help you sleep 2

The autonomy of the headphones is going to perform well, since according to the brand an upload only allows up to 12 hours of battery life. But if we reproduce such soothing sounds in a constant way, reduced autonomy up to 8 hours. So we can use them all night without a problem.


New Amazfit ZenBuds: headphones to help you sleep 3

  • Weight: 1,78 grams.
  • Dimensions: 25.3 x 20.8 x 21,3 mm
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0.
  • Battery:
    • 10 mAh (each earpiece).
    • 280 mAh (case).
  • USB-C.

Price and availability

New Amazfit ZenBuds: headphones to help you sleep 4

These Amazfit ZenBuds are campaigning on Indiegogo today, as the brand did with your watch Amazfit X. It has already reached the amount needed for funding, and it is expected that production will begin in September of this year, if all goes well.

The official price of the same is 149 dollarsalthough if you participate in such a campaign in Indiegogo you can get versions of 69 dollars and another of 81 dollars (with an eye mask included).

The entry of New Amazfit ZenBuds: headphones to help you sleep is listed first on The Android Free.