New Amazfit Band 5: a Xiaomi Mi Band with Alexa

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One of the most common mistakes we usually see in the wearables market is confusing Amazfit with Xiaomi. Many times companies have claimed to be completely independent, but then we see movements like the one we are telling you today and of course, we are a bit surprised.

A few months ago Xiaomi launched the Xiaomi Mi Band 5, a bracelet that we were able to try even before it arrived in Spain.

Now Amazfit has launched a new bracelet that looks very similar to that of Xiaomi and has called it Amazfit Band 5. It looks so similar that in photographs it is practically impossible to distinguish them. Of course, it is an improved version.

The Amazfit Band 5 has Alexa

New Amazfit Band 5: a Xiaomi Mi Band with Alexa 1

As you can see in the images, this bracelet is very similar to that of Xiaomi, with an elongated color screen and a silicone finish that includes the technological core.

The benefits are very similar: measurement of sleep, heart rate, blood oxygen saturation …

New Amazfit Band 5: a Xiaomi Mi Band with Alexa 2

However, there is a novelty that alone is enough: integration with Alexa. This bracelet is capable of using the link with the mobile phone to which we pair it to be able to make inquiries from our wrist by including a microphone.

New Amazfit Band 5: a Xiaomi Mi Band with Alexa 3

As expected, it also maintains the charging system and resistance to water and dust so we can carry it with us at all times. Its battery continues to promise 15 days of normal use and up to 25 if we use it in energy saving mode, as a mere clock.

This bracelet has been announced for the US market and can be purchased on Amazon for about 40 euros at the exchange. We do not know if it will go on sale in Spain or if the firmware of the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 could be updated with this function.

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