Netflix improves its parental control system creating a 'profile center': so you can manage them

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In these weeks of forced confinement by the crisis of the coronavirus, children are consuming more series and movies on platforms of streaming that never. But that also means that parents need to be more attentive than before to prevent access to inappropriate content for their age.

Netflix, which already implemented measures of parental control on their platform two years ago, has decided to facilitate that task to their users by introducing a series of changes to regulate the filters in each profile through a newly activated ‘Center profiles‘.

We tell you how it is, now, the use of the parental controls in Netflix:

Creation of profiles for children

Profile for Children

Subscribers of Netflix they were able to create different profiles for each member of the family and adjust each of them to an age rating.

So the first thing that you must make the user, if he has not performed even this step, you will log in to your Netflix account and create a profile for the child, setting up appropriately the section ‘Setting age’ and ensuring that only can access content child.

In this way, it will activate a user interface suitable for kids that parents will immediately recognize. In addition, in a profile, childhood, children only can search and view the titles rated as suitable for their age: the content inappropriate, simply do not exist for them.

But what happens if the child does not get to that content by searching on Netflix, but through a link found on social networks? Easy: when you enter, the platform will return an error.

PIN lock profiles adult

Another of the changes introduced by Netflix means that, from that moment on, the user will be able to apply filters to profiles child without the need to enter the same (as until now), but from your own profile.

But whathow to prevent minors from entering in the profiles of their parents to bypass the limitations imposed on his own? Easy, going (in ‘Account’ > ‘Settings’) at the option of “Parental Control” the adult profile that you want to protect, and selecting the option “PIN is necessary to access the profile” in ‘Lock profile’, indicating a 4-digit pin.

But there is still another possible ‘security hole’: if you don’t want that children can add profile viewing to your account without typing in a PIN, selects “Apply for a PIN” to add new profile” (again in the section on ‘Block profile’).

Here you can see where to configure both options. When you’re finished, tap “Send”:

Lock Profile

So does the ‘Center profile’

Once the adult user in their profile (previous introduction of PIN), you will have access to your account to a ‘Profile Center’ from which you can manage the parental controls for each profile created, defining three aspects of the same. Here you can see how it looks like this new function:

Profile center
  • Automatic playback controls: the adult user may, from the point ‘Playback settings’, enable or disable the option “Automatically play the next episode of the series on all devices”.
  • Activity viewing: This section shows all the securities which have been reproduced in a profile child and when they saw it.
  • Age rating: allows the adult user to make sure that only are visible the contents for the grade-for-age selected, but also to prevent the playback of certain titles, even if Netflix judge appropriate for your age. To do this you must go to ‘No viewing restrictions’ > ‘Restrictions of titles’ and select there the content block.
Restrict Content

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Netflix improves its parental control system by creating a ‘profile center’: so you can manage them

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Netflix improves its parental control system creating a 'profile center': so you can manage them 1