Netease Games invites you to explore the Milky Way with Infinite Lagrange

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Infinite Lagrange cover

In the heat of EVE Echoes, Netease Games just launched Infinite Lagrange days ago in Spain. A game that comes with the clear intention of taking you to the space exploration and progress of your starting city with two frigates.

Yet superior graphic level and with kinematics that can leave us astonished Due to its quality, Infinite Lagrange is a game that at first can challenge the most painted. We say this because due to its complexity, you will need enough patience to know its mechanisms.

In Spanish the space exploration of Infinite Lagrange

Graphics in Infinite Lagrange

Thanks to it is translated into spanish, Infinite Lagrange becomes an experience that takes us to know a third of the Milky Way. A game full of details and with a background that invites us to take enough time to know its history and objectives.

We manage a fleet that initially consists of two frigates, but to which we will add more units to facilitate our progress and we can even enjoy cooperative games.

Fleet control

Infinite Lagrange forces you to collect all kinds of materials With which you can produce new ships to add to your fleet and improve the facilities of your space city. Through mining, construction and trade, you can immerse yourself in a whole space adventure.

The tutorial that is not missing

Strategy in Infinite Lagrange

We can be thankful that Netease took the time so that during the first time we cast we could learn how to play Infinite Lagrange. We say it because we will receive instructions on how to defend ourselves from corsairs or how to produce new ships.

Environments in Infinite Lagrange

If it were not the truth, it would take us longer get to know the ins and outs of this game trying to get to the level of complexity of EVE Echoes.

While EVE is based on a player-driven economy and a well-chosen subscription model, Netease’s it also demands your time so that we can deepen in your experience.

Unlike EVE, at Lagrange we manage a fleet, so we have to take care to combine each of the ships well in order to face the challenges that await us. A differentiating point for those looking for an alternative to EVE Echoes.

From the strategy


Infinite Lagrange takes us further to a strategy focused perspective where we have to take care of the resources of the city and engage in combat against those who try to eliminate our ships. The truth is that comparisons appear almost all the time with EVE.

Shipyard at Infinite Lagrange

While in Echoes it is almost vital to enter a corporation, which is a clan to use, here in Lagrange we have the experience of being more independent, although the essential cooperative combat is not lacking at other levels as we will see.


Those interstellar forces will be there to help you at certain times with the shipment of ships, or take possession of their territory to expand ours. It is true that we are facing a game that needs its days and weeks to know all its experience, so we encourage you to enter now.

Graphically and technically it shines at all times for a game called Infinite Lagrange that invites you to enjoy that Milky Way with gripping environments and epic moments. Now it remains to be seen if Netease will update it enough with new content to keep the gaming community alive.

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