Nearby Share will let you send files to several people at the same time

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Nearby Share will let you send files to several people at the same time 1

Nearby Share is a feature that Google launched last year among Android users in Spain. This feature is Google’s answer to Apple’s AirDrop. Thanks to it, it is possible to share files with a person who is close to us without the need for cables, and recently it is even possible to share applications.

Until now, Nearby Share allows you to share files or applications with just one person. Luckily, it looks like Google will change this soon, because they are preparing to allow share files with multiple people at the same time using this tool on your Android phone.

Share files with multiple people with Nearby Share

Nearby Share multiple people

In an upcoming update, which is expected to arrive shortly, Nearby Share will expand the options available when sharing files with other users. Not only will it be possible to share files with a single person, but new options will be introduced, such as Contacts or Everyone. This way you will be able to choose with whom to share files using this method.

This option will allow you to see for example which of your contacts are close and they use this function, in order to share files with this method. In addition, a temporary mode will be introduced, which returns to its normal mode after 5 minutes. A new menu for this function will also be introduced on the mobile home screen. Here you can also choose with whom to share those files.

Nearby Share multiple people

This function will not share those files or information with all selected devices at the same time, but it will be sent one by one, so it could be a somewhat slow process, if there are many devices. Although it could change in the face of a final version of this function.

This is an important change for Nearby Share, which seeks to become one of the key functions on Android mobiles. Google is therefore working on a notable improvement for this tool on their phones. Although at the moment it is unknown when it will arrive this change to this tool. At least we can see that it will be a noticeable improvement for it.

The Nearby Share entry will let you send files to several people at the same time, it appears first in The Free Android.