Nba 2k21, from release date to demo – here’s what we know about the new video game

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The game is now available in trial version and will be released for both PC, Ps4, Xbox One, Google Stadia and Nintendo Switch, but also on new generation consoles.

Here we are, that time of year has finally arrived. A moment in which all basketball fans are literally impatient to jump into the new chapter of the Nba2k saga, much loved and desired for its constant and full-bodied novelties and also ready in version 21 to step on the best parquet in the world. .

Between new game and mode additions, demos, release date, and special editions, let’s take stock of the universe. Nba2k21This year also and above all annoyed by what happens in reality with a sports season still underway, but the illusion for the new title is still very high.

Nba 2k21, the demo

Let’s start with the latest news in chronological order. As of August 24, 2020 the free trial version and open to everyone in the game. Starting at 4:00 pm Italian time, players were able to get a taste of a highly anticipated title for the first time.

The demo allows you to use four teams, namely the Bucks and Clippers, in addition to the all-time historic Lakers and Celtics. As for the modes, you will have access to the My Player editor with customizations to create your own alter ego in the game ready to challenge the giants of the NBA. The eyes were obviously also on the new playability that can be tested with the pad in hand.

Nba 2k21, release date and special edition

The game will appear on store shelves from September 4, 2020, so the wait is not that long. The versions available in terms of platforms, see Ps4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Pc and Google Stadia in the first instance.

It should be noted that at the end of the year, when we are officially in the next generation, the title will also be available on Ps5 and Xbox Series X. In this sense, 2k has created a kind of privileged channel to pass from one generation to another. The Mamba Forever Edition guarantees, in fact, both copies of the game for both current and upcoming consoles.

In reviewing the various editions of Nba 2k21, we have:

  • Standard Edition for current generations, with Lillard on the cover page. The price is € 69.99 and includes dedicated digital content;
  • Mamba Forever Edition, in honor of Kobe bryant. It includes the standard version of the game also for Ps5 or Xbox Series X, 100,000 bonus CVs and the Zion Williamson digital collection, accessible on next-generation platforms. All for the price of 99.99 euros;
  • Standard edition for the next generations, with Williamson on the cover and at a price of 74.99 euros. Also present here additional content for the reservation;
  • Mamba Forever Edition for Ps5 and Xbox Series X, always with Bryant on the cover but in another version. It is available for purchase at a price of 99.90 and also includes a copy of the standard version for Ps4 or Xbox One and other additional digital content.

The main novelties

My team stands out among the revamped features of Nba2k21, where you’ll put yourself in charge of your own team in pursuit of glory. Compared to the past, there is a limited mode available only on the weekend and it will compare the participating players.

The progression of your team will take place throughout the seasons, with ever new goals. Also worth discovering is the new swap feature, where you can swap less-used cards for something better. Other characteristics in the same way refer to the return of Evolution and especially the Ascension, or the new way of obtaining rewards.

The whole game, then, will continue to present well-marked novelties and improvements compared to the past also thanks to the arrival of new generations. The graphics and gameplay will reach another level and for fans it will certainly be more exciting to play them. Precisely in terms of pad in hand, we find a new Pro Stick system and a revisited shoot, among others.