My phone does not ring when I call it: How to fix it

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My phone does not ring when I call it: How to fix it 1

A frequent problem the that insurance the most it has faced in some time is that your Android phone may not ring during a call. Someone has called, but your phone has not issued any sound, what has made you missed the call. There are many causes that can cause this situation, but that we must resolve as soon as possible.

If at any time you has gone, that your mobile does not ring when you callthere are a number of solutions that we can test, so that the phone sounds again sound when you call us and so we don’t miss never a call. Android gives us a number of options with which to solve this problem.

Do you have the mobile in silent or vibration?

My phone does not ring when I call it: How to fix it 2

It may seem silly, but many times it may happen that we have simply turned off the sound of the phone and we are in silent mode or in vibrationthat is what makes it not ring when they call us. It is something as simple as common, so that is one of the first things to check in this type of situations.

Displays the quick settings the phone and check to see if your phone is in silent or in vibration. If this is the case, put it in the normal mode, with the sound turned on, so that you are able to listen to the notifications of your phone again, in addition to the sound that is emitted when you call.

Controls the volume

My phone does not ring when I call it: How to fix it 3

Another common problem is that the volume of the phone is lower than what’s due, what causes the phone not to ring just when they call us, or that it is not possible to listen to it. This is something that happens a lot of times, so that you simply have to click on the button of volume up to check if the phone volume in general is correct, or if you have to upload it, because maybe it is too low and this causes the phone to not ring or just do it.

In addition, in the settings you have the option of control the sound and volume of the tone of calls, to go to be correctly set up and issued to the desired volume. You can do so by following these steps:

  1. Opens the settings.
  2. Enters Sounds.
  3. Turn up the volume for the ring tone.
  4. Turn up the volume of the section call.

How do Not Disturb mode activated?

My phone does not ring when I call it: How to fix it 4

It is possible that we have the do Not Disturb Mode activated in the phone, which is preventing this call sound, because perhaps we have silenced all notifications from the phone, which is what prevents the phone from ringing when they call us. It is unlikely that follow active without you have noticed, but in this kind of cases, it is better to check to be sure. The steps to do this are:

  1. Opens the settings.
  2. Enter in the section of Sounds.
  3. Tap on do Not Disturb or do Not Disturb Mode.
  4. Checks if is active.
  5. If it is, disables this mode.

Restart the phone

How to shut down and restart your phone without pressing the power button

If you have tried these initial solutions, which in most cases tend to solve the problem, it is possible that the problem resides in the volume or the speaker of the phone. Before checking to see if this is the case, you can simply reboot the phoneto see if after doing this the phone rings during a call. Many times it is a fault momentary, that is solved when we restart the device again.

If after the reboot the phone still does not play sound when they call us, then it is possible that the problem resides in the hardware itself, such as that the speaker does not work well and that this is the issue that there is no sound.

Does not emit any type of sound?

Is another question that is important to keep in mind, is if the mobile is not sounds only when they call us. That is to say, if it emits sounds for example, when you get a notification from WhatsApp or not. Because if the phone does not emit any sound, then it is likely that there has been a problem with the speakers, which have failed and this generates such a lack of sound.

You try to play music, or check to see if when they call you the answer you listens to the other person, in addition to the ringtones, alarms and notifications. All of this will allow us to make sure that the phone actually does not sound, no sound one in the same, and that is a fault and the software is not responsible.

Reset the phone

My phone does not ring when I call it: How to fix it 5

A solution to something extreme, but to which you can resort in cases in which it has already tried everything, is to restore or reset the phone. This will allow many times that the problem is solved, as the phone returns to its original state, the same with the one that came out of the factory and this may be the solution that you fix this problem with the sound or the speaker. To reset your phone you have to follow these steps:

  1. Opens the settings.
  2. Enters the section of the System.
  3. Tap Reset.
  4. Choose Reset phone.
  5. Tap the Reset button.
  6. Enter your PIN.
  7. Tap ok.

Take it to repair


If the problem is with the speaker has suddenly emerged, without that you have made improper use (you submerged without the water resistant) and is in warranty, go to the repair serviceeither through the manufacturer or the store. Since they are the ones who have to be responsible for the cost of repair and make the speaker work again and make sounds. If it is a phone that does not have too much time, it is worth to repair it, as that is likely to be a manufacturing fault that is generating this problem in the same.

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