Music to sleep better and combat stress

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This platform has understood that not all music is worth when it comes to staying in a work or academic environment. In those situations, we need a soundtrack that relaxes us, lowers our heart rate, and allows us to focus more. In addition, it offers a highly personalized experience depending on the utility that we want to give it.

Focus Music by
Focus Music by

An app to improve concentration

This app has a purpose, to make our mind relax with AI-based music and that seeks to improve our ability to concentrate and even our sleep habit. This application develops an entire system capable of generating music that will be synchronized with our brain audio, that is, it will be in accordance with the waves that perceive the audio from our brain. To do this, launches a series of complexities that we could summarize as the interaction of various instruments and musical notes with each other to create this difficult synchrony. categories

Therefore, nothing is left to chance at, a project that seeks to produce a non-invasive way of offering digital therapy and improve our mental performance with music. In fact, the service is working with neuroscientists and engineers specializing in neurophysiology, nanotechnology and biomedical devices to try to validate its concepts. This process produces an Emerging Artificial Intelligence that is nothing more than the result of the combination of several AI methods that lead the devices to learn automatically and offer their own answers.

In any case, if the music proposed by artificial intelligence does not convince us, it can always be changed. The site also has a section to explore different situations with special sounds. Cinematic, electronic music, night or beach sounds, rain, forest noises, etc. In addition, it has sections that explain how to use to relax, focus or sleep. Too bad that the entire interface is in English, which does not make it impossible to use it but it does make it difficult.

How works on Android

When opening the application, we can choose between the three categories that it presents according to our need: Focus, Relaxation or Sleep. Under each category we will see a brief description of what we will achieve by listening to the music prepared for each one of them. modes

When we get to that screen, we must choose what we have downloaded this app for. Within these three categories, there are different utilities. Music for Focus helps in work, study, creative work, and other activities. Music for Relaxation helps with breaks and meditation. And finally, the music for Sleep helps in naps or sleeping at night.

With everything already configured, we move on to music playback. It is the central function of the platform, and it shows. The player is very complete and customizable, with filters by genres, the possibility of changing to another track or regulate the intensity of the effects depending on our neuronal synchronization, if it is lower or higher. All the themes can be found in the ‘Explore’ section, in addition to having our own library, where the music listened to is found. player

To make music more effective at what you want to achieve, the creators of recommend listen to music before doing the activity. For example, listening to music to focus the mind before starting to study.

A useful service, but at a price

‘If you’re good at something, don’t do it for free.’ This phrase from The Joker is applied to the letter by the app. We will have the opportunity to listen to the music for three days as part of the free trial, after that we can choose to join the premium version for a monthly or annual payment, which will release other categories and allow us to enjoy the music that is updated every week . Payment options range from 7 euros per month up to 50 euros per year.

What advantage does the payment service offer? Through the premium account they can unlock all the categories, every week they add new music, they have unlimited access being able to listen to the number of songs they want and they can also download music sessions to listen to them offline.