Music, books, podcast series, and games: these are the favorite team of The Android Free

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Music, books, podcast series, and games: these are the favorite team of The Android Free

During these weeks we have made several recommendations, tips for telecommuting, applications for video calls, etc… And maybe some other reader will have asked a question, without answer until now What do the guys of The Android Free and Omicrono when nobody sees?

It may also be that no one has made such a question, but just the same, we will answer it the same. So we’ve gathered together the podcast, the series, the books, the disks, or games, in which each one of us are relying on these uncertain dates. Are you prepared?

Adrian Raya

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We start with our colleague Adrian Stripe, which starts off strong by recommending a classic of the detective series as it is Colombo. It continues with a manga that revolutionized the genre as it is Akira, has rediscovered the disk Scenes from a Memory and we have discovered all the game in the anime style Arknights.

  • Series: Colombo
  • Book: Akira
  • Disk: Scenes from a Memory – Dream Theater
  • Game: Arknights

Alex Branco

Our companion opts for history on the recommendation of the podcast, Memories of a drum. In terms of series, immerses us in the universe Westworldto continue with a good book by Arturo Perez-Reverte as is The club dumas. In terms of gameplay, the recommendation has been the ever-reliable Fortnite.

  • Podcast: Memories of a drum
  • Series: Westworld
  • Book: The club dumas
  • Game: Fortnite

Álvarez del Vayo

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We continue with the recommendations of Alvarez del Vayo, who bet for the series Downton Abbey you can see on Amazon Prime. In terms of musical recommendation, bet by One Republic on your disk Waking Up and as a game, a well-known of their analysis, Honkai Impact 3rd.

  • Podcast: Moved sensitive
  • Series: Downton Abbey
  • Book: I am legend
  • Disk: Waking Up – One Republic
  • Game: Honkai Impact 3rd


Doing honor to the name of the website the Android Freeour partner Chema in its recommendation literary puts on the table the book on Tim Cook, current CEO of Apple. As if that weren’t enough, the game that we recommend is This program that is exclusive to the Apple Arcade.

  • Podcast: CliffHanger
  • Series: Better Call Saul
  • Book: Tim Cook: The Genius Who Took Apple to the Next Level
  • Disk: Different types of light – Carlos Sadness
  • Game: This program


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Among the recommendations of Stephen, we find a classic of the music as it is the Sgt. Pepper’s, the Beatles. If we talk about series your bet, of scandinavian origin, is Caught up that promises to be interesting. Your recommendation literary is successful Homeland of Fernando Aramburu.

  • Podcast: Armchair Expert with Dax Sephard
  • Series: Trapped (Trapped)
  • Book: Homeland
  • Disk: Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (Remastered) – The Beatles
  • Game: Reigns


The recommendations of our colleague Iván start with a podcast very interesting, especially if you like to see behind the scenes of the companies, as is Perspective. In terms of series, your recommendation is to irreverently technology Silicon Valley. And those lovers of Zelda, you will find the toebox of your shoe in Symphony of the Goddess.

  • Podcast: Perspective
  • Series: Silicon Valley
  • Book: One Piece
  • Disk: Symphony of the Goddess – A Legend of Zelda Tribute
  • Game: Brawl Stars


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Among the recommendations of our partner Izan are two classics that stand out above all. We talk about the famed series, House of Cards and in the literary, we find ourselves before a classic of the classics as Pío Baroja and his book The tree of the science.

  • Podcast: Strange days
  • Series: House of Cards
  • Book: The tree of the science
  • Disk: Eyes that see in the dark – Kenny Rogers
  • Game: Airline Commander

Manuel Fernandez

More interesting are the recommendations of our colleague Manuel Fernández, betting on safe your recommendation more playful with the saga Monument Valley. If we talk about literature, his proposal of The name of the wind points that will appeal to more of a reader.

  • Podcast: Eat me to the podcast
  • Series: Narcos
  • Book: The name of the wind (Chronic, killer of kings 1)
  • Disk: Weezer (The White Album) [Deluxe Edition]
  • Game: Monument Valley and Monument Valley 2

Paolo AC

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There could be No other way, the recommendation of the podcast No one trains it is no coincidence, and to find out you will have to listen to it. As a recommended play, we find Hearthstone a game that has a legion of players behind and remains one of the most popular.

  • Podcast: No one trains
  • Series: Better call Saul
  • Book: Poverty
  • Disk: Chavela Vargas 40 great songs
  • Game: Hearthstone

Pedro Moya

One of the most restless I could not but recommend the podcast, Daily Runner why is this? will have to listen to it to figure it out gentlemen. Recommendation literary we find the very interesting Sapiens, from animals to gods. And we must not forget Mini Motorways a game that engages according to his own words.

  • Podcast: Daily Runner
  • Series: Mythic Quest
  • Book: Sapiens, from animals to gods
  • Disk: From the Fires – Greta Van Fleet
  • Game: Mini Motorways


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Get the latest recommendations about whom I write, in which I highlight mainly the podcast The Garage the Delorean dedicated to cinema, series, video games from the most pure love to each gender. And as a musical recommendation, the latest album from Anni B Sweet called Universe by brand new, deliciously psychedelic.

  • Podcast: The Garage the Delorean
  • Series: His absence
  • Book: The enemy knows the system
  • Disk: Universe by brand new – Anni B Sweet
  • Game: Asphalt 9

The entrance Music, books, podcast series, and games: these are the favorite team of The Android Free is listed first in The Android Free.