Mr Spy – Bullet Superhero, game Android free download

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This is a job that is very simple of understand, since there is no to be thinking a lot about what you have to do: you must eliminate all the enemies that appear from the right side of the screen, and, finally, to face an opponent more powerful than kill him and allows it to exceed the level that you are enjoying. Come on, a game of action of life that seeks to entertain without a lot more aspirations (and they are not few, admittedly), and that in our opinion it is quite fun.

The control of everything you do runs with the different buttons on the interface of the Mr Spy – Bullet Superhero, all I have to say, it is really good for two reasons. The first is that the size of each item is great and, therefore, does not have the option of failure if you pay a bit of attention. The second thing that we believe is positive is that everything is translatedso that you do not have any doubt about what to do at all times, something that is vital clothes for this work to be a good option for the children. But, be careful, there are shopping internal so this must be taken into account.

It is important to indicate that, because of that you do not have a few requirements very high this work, because the graphics are not very demanding (anything three-dimensional, and the simplicity is great… and, here lies part of its charm I must say). So, in terminals with only 2 GB, which are the vast majority of that is in the now, everything works excellent shape. By the way, The soundtrack it is completely inconsequential, so this does not add much, and possibly what is to be done is to do away with it and put music to the time it’s played. We found that the management in the background is very good, so it does not affect the multi-tasking if you leave it in operation in this way.

Playing Mr Spy – Bullet Superhero

As we have said, it is not anything complicated to do this, as you can simply go forward to the right and, when you find an enemy, the hero that we carry and then you have to shoot up to kill him. The key here is to control the movement of the weapon (which ranges from upright) and hit for the enemy. It is also possible to jump to dodge the bullets that attempt to finish with us which also activates sometimes a slow camera that makes things much easier to aim. Before finishing with a level you have to kill a “boss” that is something harder than the rest.

This is basically what has to be done in Mr Spy – Bullet Superhero. But, luckily, the game has a few more things. One of them is that there is the option of collect heroes and weapons, so that with the passage of time and levels are going getting options that reach a level that allows you to even collect. Each element has its attributes, which makes it recommendable for one reason or another. But, in addition, these can be train paying what you get when you overcome levels: coins and diamonds. A good option is to give it a bit of spice to the development.

An interesting game… and for free

This is really interesting, because it lets you try out the development without having to make any payment in Galaxy Store and Play Store (for this reason, there are ads… not everything can be perfect). In our experience, we believe that this work by its simplicity it is for those who do not have many claims or the children. In both cases, it is not a bad option for the times death has, for example, when waiting for public transport.