Mozilla problems: Firefox Notes and Firefox Send shut down

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Mozilla is one of the companies that has opted the most for free applications and the right to privacy of Internet users. The non-profit foundation is known for Firefox, the browser that for many was the first real quality alternative to Internet Explorer at the beginning of the century, both in Spain and in the rest of the world.

However, Mozilla is not going through good times, and to ensure that the company remained financially viable, it had to lay off 250 employees recently. With fewer resources, it was to be expected that the company would not only readjust its staff, but also end up focusing on those projects that are most vital. And sadly, that leaves victims within the application.

Firefox Send and Notes will disappear more from the market

Keeping a company afloat is not easy, and even less so when it is non-profit. To maintain sustainability, the company has had to close two services that did not turn out to be as profitable as they should be.

Mozilla problems: Firefox Notes and Firefox Send shut down 1

The most important is Firefox Notes, a notes application synchronized in the cloud, an application in which you will lose everything you had saved from next November. There is no need to worry, since the company will offer tools so that you can download and keep all the notes that you have added during these years.

Mozilla problems: Firefox Notes and Firefox Send shut down 2

On the other hand,the Firefox Notes extension for browser on PC will continue to work as usual, losing synchronization in the cloud.

Mozilla problems: Firefox Notes and Firefox Send shut down 3

The case of Firefox Send is a bit more curious, since the tool to transfer files in a private and secure way was being used, ironically, to send malware. Because of this, the service was temporarily closed while the problem was being fixed. Finally the problem will not be solved, and since it was already out of service, there is nothing here that we should worry about.

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