Movistar takes a giant step and eliminates all permanence

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Featured Movistar

Movistar Spain started a couple of weeks ago the deployment of its 5G network in Spain, which now reaches the main cities of the country and will be available to 75% of the population before the end of this year, present in all autonomous communities. Today they take an important step that users have been waiting for a long time: the permanence in their contracts is eliminated.

Movistar itself has officially announced it today. The permanence in their contracts is eliminated, a measure that affects both current customers of the operator and new customers who are going to sign a contract with some of their rates shortly.

All Movistar clients without permanence

Movistar takes a giant step and eliminates all permanence 1

All Movistar contract rates lose in this way the permanence, which means that if someone wants to change operator at a certain time or make changes, they will not have to pay a penalty. The operator has confirmed that this change is applied automatically, both for current customers and for new registrations.

This is one more step on the part of the operator, since last year said permanence in the Fusion rates was eliminated. Now this applies to all of your fees. It is applied for clients of fixed voice lines, fixed broadband, broadband with copper and also for fiber optic clients. In this way they become the first major Spanish operator to make this decision.

According to the president of Telefónica Spain, “with this initiative we promote our objective that customers choose Movistar for the quality and variety of its services, in a free way.” It also comes with an improvement in its Infinite Contract, since customers will now pay € 24.95 / month for all new registrations, portabilities and migrations from prepaid to contract for 12 months, instead of the current 6 months.


An important step on the part of Movistar, which is thus the first major Spanish operator to have no permanence in its rates. So this may encourage many to upgrade to some of your rates.

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