Movistar Salud is official: rates and prices of the new telemedicine service

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Almost a month ago Movistar Salud was officially announced, a telemedicine service that Telefonica brings to Spain. This is a service that the operator launches in collaboration with Teladoc Health, both for companies and individuals. Through this service, the aim is to facilitate access to health professionals remotely, regardless of the place or time.

In the announcement last September the main data of this service were given, but now Movistar Salud is official. This new service comes with two rates, available to both clients and non-clients of Movistar in Spain. Plus, it comes with an introductory offer.

These are the Movistar Salud rates

Movistar Salud rates

From today it is possible to contract Movistar Salud in Spain, that comes with two different rates for individuals, as already announced. Both rates provide a series of services, with which users will have access to medical professionals and will also be able to control their health. The two rates currently available are:

  • Rate (Option) Personal: Provides coverage for a single person and has a price of 6.95 euros per month.
  • Family Option: Provides coverage for two adults and an unlimited number of minors within the family unit. Its price is 10.95 euros per month.

The two rates have a registration fee of 10 euros, although due to the launch offer of this service, Until November 30 this registration fee is free. In addition, the prices of the two rates are reduced by 50% in the first three months, becoming 3.50 and 5.50 euros, respectively. There is a commitment of permanence of at least three months to be able to have this discount, as well as not having to pay the registration fee.

Movistar Health services

The two rates of Movistar Salud give access to the same services: Remote medical consultation available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, a digital symptom pre-assessment (a service that uses Artificial Intelligence to determine symptoms and then recommend what type of care is needed) and the Get in Shape Plan, which is a 4 week diet and exercise plan, designed by doctors and dietitians.

Movistar Teladoc Health

Movistar Salud is available for companies too, with personalized plans for each company. It is released on the web, as well as in apps for Android and iOS. Anyone over 18 will be able to hire it, without having to be a Movistar customer. This will be possible in Movistar channels (web, telephone, stores …) from today.

Movistar Salud is official: rates and prices of the new telemedicine service 1


The Movistar Salud entry is official: rates and prices for the new telemedicine service appear first in El Androide Libre.