Movistar gives 100 GB for customers of Fusion: so are activated

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One of the main problems of confinement because of the coronavirus is the connectivity. Sometimes our own fixed line does not give more of himself (or directly do not have at home) and it is necessary to make the leap to the mobile data to get better speed or stability.

Movistar was one of the companies that most quickly reacted in the beginning of the crisis, giving away data to their clients, Fusion. In the last few hours have opted for expanding the gigas gift to users, ranging from 60 to 100 GB. How is it activated? You what we have.

Movistar expands the gigas free: 60 to 100 in 2 months

Movistar gives 100 GB for customers of Fusion: so are activated 1

If you are a client of Movistar and possibly you have received in the last hours, a new message of the company. In that message, report that they will increase the gig extra that initially they were going to give away for two months to make more pleasant the stay in the home.

The message in the beginning may seem confusing, because it tells us that our GB additional spend from 60 to 100, +20 GB/month. But the difference should not be 40 GB?

Effectively, these 100 GB that gives Movistar are they distributed between march and April. In the beginning the company was going to give 30 GB for march and 30 for April, but eventually will be 50 GB for 2 months. If you haven’t beneficiaste of the promotion and you sign up now, will be 50 GB for the month of April and another 50 for the month of may.

How to activate the 100 GB

Movistar gives 100 GB for customers of Fusion: so are activated 2

If you have not received any message, and you are a customer of Movistar Fusion, you’ll need to follow the following steps:

  • App Mi Movistar:
    1. In the detail Line Mobile, tap on the alert, “100 GB without cost during 2 months“
    2. At the option of the “Manage Data”, will appear the promotion of 100 GB, click on “More information”
    3. Press the “Activate here” and ready your 100 GB of data.
  • From the computer through the following link.

The entry Movistar gives 100 GB for customers of Fusion: so activate it first appears on The Android Free.