Motorola’s camera app is updated: new interface

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Motorola is one of the brands that takes more care of the interface of their mobiles, not modifying excessively what Google does. It is one of the few companies that sells mobile phones in Spain and that does not aggressively modify the aesthetics of the software.

Despite that, there are some changes with respect to what we can see in Pixel mobiles or in other manufacturers. One of the differences is its camera app.

Motorola updates its camera

Motorola's camera app is updated: new interface

The company has announced the release of version 3.0 of its camera app, called Moto Camera 3, and has put it on the Google Play Store.

Motorola's camera app is updated: new interface 1


The new version modifies the interface to make it more similar to camera applications from other manufacturers, simpler and with fewer options on the screen. In addition, importance has been given to artificial intelligence modes that improve the taking of photos automatically.

Motorola's camera app is updated: new interface 2

Only for new mobiles

The bad news is that, at the moment, this app is available only on the Razr 5G and although the company has said that it will reach future mobiles it launches, has not mentioned that the current ones are going to benefit from the new app.

We have verified in the Moto G9 Plus that this app cannot be installed, something that seems like a bad gesture on the part of the company.

At the moment it is not possible to download the APK and install it manually, but if at some point we will update the article.

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