Motorola to launch ultra-resistant phones: agreement with Bullitt

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Motorola Bullitt collaboration

Motorola’s mobile range in Spain grew in 2020, with the brand’s return to the high-end. The manufacturer will continue to expand the types of phones that they have available and prepare to also enter the rugged mobile segment, ultra-rugged phones. It is not a movement that you will carry out alone.

Motorola has signed a collaboration agreement with Bullitt, a mobile phone manufacturer located in England, which specializes in this type of device, works with brands like CAT for example. This collaboration will help the manufacturer to launch phones that meet the highest rugged standards in today’s market.

Motorola will launch ruggedized phones

Bullitt rugged phones

The agreement between the two companies is now official, they have published a joint statement for it. Motorola seeks in this way to have a family of ultra-resistant smartphones in its catalog of telephones. These devices will be able to withstand all kinds of conditions, something that Bullitt has great experience with. The brand is in fact responsible for rugged phones from manufacturers like CAT or Land Rover.

Both brands sign a global and long-term agreement for the manufacture and sale of these ultra-resistant mobiles. They will go on sale under the Motorola brand, as they have confirmed in said official statement. These phones will be able to withstand drops, extreme temperatures or working days outside, no matter how harsh. Both are also committed to innovation, so we can expect that these devices will continue to improve and incorporate new functions.

We will not have to wait too long to know these first phones of the union of both companies. On their website they have mentioned that will be at the end of the first quarter of this year when they become official. So everything indicates that in the month of March will be when these first ultra-resistant phones of the brand are presented.

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