Motorola prepares a name change for the Moto G

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Motorola prepares a name change for the Moto G

When Google bought Motorola it presented a terminal that today, 8 years later, is still remembered, the Moto G. This smartphone changed what we understood as the mid-range at that time, and forced many firms to change their strategy.

But almost a decade later Motorola has as rivals Xiaomi, OPPO and more Chinese brands that also offer great devices.

Thus, just as Samsung did with the change in strategy of the Galaxy J and Galaxy A, Motorola would be preparing a name change for the Moto G.

Moto G10, G100 and more coming soon

According to Techniknews, Motorola is currently modifying the nomenclature of this entire family, taking advantage of the jump from the G9, its latest model, to the G10.

Apparently there will be a Moto G10 but also a Moto G100, something that reminds us of what OnePlus is doing with the Nord, Nord N10 and Nord N100.

For now there is no official confirmation although various leaks, such as one given a few days ago by Evan Blass, speak of these names.

Motorola prepares a name change for the Moto G

Moto G100 (Tahoe) filtered out

We have the Moto G10 codenamed Capri, a G30 called Capri + and a G100 internally called Tahoe.

It remains to be seen that this change will be international and, if so, will it be homogeneous. It is speculated that the Moto G10 could be called Moto G10 Power in markets like India, without this implying a change in its specifications.

We do not know the presentation dates of these models but the G100 could be announced at the end of March.

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