Motivate me !, an app with healthy habits

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Table of Contents

This development only aims to improve people’s routine by offering exclusive lessons and knowledge. This content will help us improve our quality of life and, of course, our health.

Fabulous: Motivate me!
Fabulous: Motivate me!

What is Fabulous?

Fabulous for Android is an application that will motivate us with their healthy habits to improve our quality of life. Your coach will help us feel more energetic, lose weight, to sleep better and to concentrate better.

To help us improve our health Fabulous will guide us through personalized routines and advice based on everyday habits that we have to complete throughout the day to overcome the goals and challenges presented by the application. Fabulous will motivate us every day to achieve our goal.

fabulous motivate me quiz

It allows us to keep track of our habits, achieved events and launch its virtual trainer to perform meditation, yoga, exercise, stretching sessions or to take a small recharging nap with relaxing sounds. Show off an interface Material Design very visual and very easy to use. Its application is translated into Spanish and its download is free.

When starting the application for the first time, a list with four objectives will appear, three of them blocked. As an initial routine we will set the goal of “Feel more energetic”. The application will ask us what time we get up and will propose the first challenge, which consists of drinking water for three days, as soon as we get up. A challenge that does not require a great sacrifice, but that is quite good for our health.

A calendar to lead a healthy life

After explaining the reasons, we will appear in a calendar in which all the healthy life goals that we can meet will appear. The application will show us some tips and tricks in letters so that our path easier to travel.

fabulous motivate me home

As we overcome the challenges, the application will propose new challenges that will be increasingly demanding. Developing a healthy routine is complicated, and the creators of this application know it, which is why the complexity of the challenges is increasing little by little. Don’t worry because the first weeks are very light, which is the best way to adapt to a new routine. In any case, the challenges are modifiable, in case those proposed by the application itself know us little by little, we can add new objectives for the morning, afternoon and evening.

Something that we liked a lot about this application is that for each challenge or objective we can activate notifications, so that in case we forget, the mobile will remind us. Remember that by default the notifications of each challenge are deactivated, but the application itself will invite us to activate them if we want to.

fabulous motivate me activities

On the other hand, what we did not like much about the application, and is that like any other standard calendar, they could have included a desktop widget, so we cannot see the daily goals in a visual and more accessible way, since they are elements that would not be necessary at all to enter the app.