More games available on Google Play Pass

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Google Play Pass arrived in July 2020 to all devices in our country, and it is practically already available in all Mountain View company accounts. As we have said before, the main advantage of this service is that we can download all the games and applications in their full version. That is, as if we were doing it separately, with the additional advantage that we can enjoy all these titles without advertising. Nor can we make purchases within them, since we have the full service by default.

It must be said that this service is constantly updated and improved, something that Google customers appreciate. In this way, we can enjoy full access to these titles and always be up to date. For this reason, the Californian company has experienced an exceptional increase in all the applications and games it offers. When it was first released in September 2019, it featured 350 Titles. Today, we can already enjoy more than 800 different.

Google Play Pass adds 42 games to its catalog

google play pass games

In case it seemed little, they have recently added to their library 42 new games that we can enjoy from today. This new update includes a ton of games that span different categories. We can find new titles of puzzles, action, strategy and sports, among many others. Some of the new video games are Stardew valley, LIMBO, Evoland or Reigns, these being the most anticipated. If you want to know the rest of the games they have added, you can consult them in this link.

As you already know, you must hire a subscription service to enjoy the entire catalog offered by Google Play Pass. If you decide to get it, it can be yours for 4.99 euros a month. On the other hand, since last year they introduced a new annual plan for 29.99 euros. Besides all this, Verizon offers a special offer to its customers. If you have contracted one of their unlimited plans, you can enjoy this service for free. Of course, you should know that they only do it for one year, so when the 12 months pass they will have to pay the monthly or annual fee again.