More details in a new trailer

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We are one week away from the official release of the patch to all copies that Genshin Impact fans have downloaded. The February 3 this year and it will allow players to celebrate the Lantern Rite in Liyue Harbor, in addition to other details that we will break down.

Genshin Impact
Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact’s YouTube account, very active these days

As we mentioned at the beginning, there is a lot of activity on the YouTube profile of the game developed by miHoYo. Especially due to the imminent release of this update 1.3 that will incorporate so many new features, both at the level of events and playable elements.

But it has not only done what is typical of these launches as other developers have done, which is to publish a video relating all the details that the update incorporates. Apart from that, he has published a video explaining a little more the background that surrounds Genshin Impact. We already know that the title, from the beginning, has a very deep plot based on the mystical, and in this update it was not going to be less. Therefore, the developed has launched a new story trailer, with which they wait clear new doubts around your lore, content and the Liyue region in general; in addition to their guardians.

Update 1.3, all the details

According to the experts of this game (who are not few now), the Lantern Rite is the largest festival on the Liyue calendar and comes with several celebrations that will culminate in a spectacular ceremony with the first moon of the year, in which each citizen spear Xiao Flashlights to the night sky.

The Traveler (our character) and Paimon will have to help prepare the event, divided into three phases. Each one of them brings a series of requirements that will help citizens to prepare the rite. By completing them, players can level up the Festival Fever and unlock more missions and stories.

update 1.3 genshin impact characters

In the playable, the most important content in this title is the arrival of new characters, in this case, the new character featured in the runs of 5 star gachapon. Similar to other characters that we can summon in similar runs, Ganyu, Albedo and Zhongli, Xiao will be in the banners featured for a few weeks.

This will mean that players, again, will have a limited time to try to get it through that event in which they present it. Although have a 50% chance of getting out If you get a 5-star legendary character, it will compete with the others with similar characteristics and can play any of them too.