MoodBites: control what you eat and how it affects you with this app

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Thousands of people in Spain have some type of intolerance or allergy to certain foods or components. In addition, it is common for a new food or product that you eat to cause a certain reaction in your body. To have control over this and thus know what products you should avoid, MoodBites is presented as a good help.

MoodBites is an application for Android with which to control what you eat, by having a record in which to enter your meals. In addition, it allows you to establish how your body has reacted to those foods, in order to know in the future what you should or should not eat due to that reaction caused.

Control what you eat and how it affects you

MoodBites home

MoodBites is an application designed especially for people with allergies, intolerances or who have intestinal problems or suffer from problems with certain foods / foods or components. This application works as a kind of food diary, where you can keep a record of everything you eat in your day to day. You can also establish your allergies, to have a better control over your condition.

MoodBites food

Along with each meal that you enter in that diary, where you can put a specific day and time, the application also allows you to set how did that food make you feel. You can put how it has affected your body, if it has made you feel bad, for example. Options to determine how it has affected your mood, your digestion or your physical condition in general, in order to have information at all times about those foods that have made you feel bad.

The data you enter in MoodBites You can use them to see trends, as when eating a certain food / ingredient or component, you have felt bad, for example. These data can help you avoid eating something specific, because on several occasions before it is something to which your body has not reacted positively.

MoodBites interface

The application interface does not present too many complications. It is available only in English, but there are no problems when using it, because the controls are simple and clear. There is also a section with stories where you can read tips about health, beauty and nutrition. When it comes to moving, you just have to use the lower menu to enter each section of the app.

How to download MoodBites on Android

MoodBites can download for free on your phone Android, available in the Google Play Store. There is a paid version available, which is priced at 2.99 euros per month or 19.99 euros per year, with which you have access to a series of additional options to control your health and how food affects you.

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