Monster Slayer, registration for early access

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This registration will give us the opportunity to test the game for a limited time, which is an early access version of what will be the final edition. We are going to know more details about this ‘early access’ and the hypothetical way we can access to get to play this test.

How to access the registry to test the game

The truth is that we already knew the most basic things to get an idea of ​​what this would be like. The Witcher Monster Slayer, something we could see in a bit of gameplay with their fighting and missions. And now, that we already know many more details, the game will be ready in summer, but if you are lucky you can get early access this week.

All you have to do is go to the official website and register for an opportunity to participate in the Early Access of the game on Android. You will need three things, yours email with which you have Google Play, the mobile brand what are you using and the exact model; It is done.

At the end of April, the first group of players will be selected and will receive an invitation. From then on they will be able to roam the world, complete missions and hunt iconic monsters from the Witcher series. Unfortunately, there are a couple of requirements to meet. And is that if you are under 16 or your phone is an iPhone, you will not be able to participate.

It is one more step in the roadmap that CD Projekt has set. Previously, the official account of The Witcher Monster Slayer ad the launch of the game for Android devices in New Zealand, as part of an exclusivity with Google Play. In this way, players who resided in that country could now download the title on their mobile.

Everything we know about the Witcher: Monster Slayer

It is not much information that we still have, beyond some details on its website and a gameplay, which has been where we have been able to analyze the most. So far, what we know about Monster Slayer is that it is a game based on augmented reality and fully integrated with real life.

Those already used to playing Pokémon Go you will find many similarities in the way you play this title. For example, expensive is, in the way of representing monsters through Augmented Reality, although also in the way of playing with the sword to defeat them.

The players of The Witcher: Monster Slayer They will have access to a number of tricks and tools to aid them in combat, such as bombs and potions. The NPCs will have full voices and can be found as you explore with your mobile, they will offer you objects and missions.