Mobile, the second season arrives with Day of Reckoning

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It has been through the Twitter account that all the news that is coming in this second season of the most popular shooter on the planet have been released with a dropper.

Call of Duty®: Mobile
Call of Duty®: Mobile

Day of Reckoning, Season 2 Comes to CoD: Mobile

The first and most important thing is to know the length of this season. After the completion of the first one that began in January, the second edition has its beginning from March 10. From there several events and game modes such as Grind arise that will have different dates to play them, with the intention that they do not coincide with each other. Quality outweighs quantity in this collection of novelties for Day of Reckoning, which is the name given to the season.

Among the highlights of the content confirmed by Activision we find the mode Battle of Tanks, an experience Battle royale with war tanks that can be achieved in the same scenario or through airdrops (with good luck). The mode Tank battle can be played from March 19 to 25.

details season 2 cod mobile

Players will have to collect five components to build your tank. These will be found in the vending machines scattered throughout the map Isolated, which offer different accessories in addition to these pieces, such as Sticky anti-tank grenades and time-effect bombs.

Another game mode coming with Call of Duty Mobile Season 2 is Sniper Fight, first seen in CoD: Modern Warfare 2019. In this mode, players will face off in teams of three users and will have exclusive use of precision rifles. The games will take place on small maps such as Shipment (a novelty of the Season 2). The first team to win six rounds wins the game. Gunfight Sniper will be available from March 26 to May 1.

Other news in the CoD: Mobile update

On the other hand, the new season of CoD Mobile will integrate new maps and weapons, although it will not be the same amount as in the free loot boxes. Among those mentioned by Activision is it so Shipment Y Shoot House, adaptations of CoD Modern Warfare original. The iconic map of Nuketown of CoD: Black Ops, although it does not have a release date. As for the weapons, we know that the AS VAL and the SP-R 208 ready to be used from the start. Finally, the introduction of new characters such as Alex of Modern warfare Y Warzone.

Another general question that appears every time a new season is launched is the price of the Battle Pass to undertake all the challenges and get all the rewards that arise during that period. The Battle Pass of Call of Duty: Mobile Season 2 It will cost 800 COD Points, equivalent to 9.99 euros. The version premium, which unlocks the first 25 levels of the pass, will cost 2,000 COD Points, equivalent to 24.99 euros. We remember that there is also a free Battle Pass, although with less rewards.