Mobile phones in Spain will have a grade according to their repairability index

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When buying a new mobile, many users in Spain consult how easy it will be to repair said phone in the future. In addition, Europe has long sought to make it easier to repair a phone. Spain now announces an important change from the hand of the Minister of Consumption Alberto Garzón. It is a new labeling for electronic devices, such as mobile phones, which will indicate a repairability index.

This repairability index indicate how easy or difficult it will be to repair that mobile or electronic device. This will help any consumer when buying that product, knowing if such repair in the future will be easy and if it is worth buying that product.

New repairability index

This new repairability index will accompany products, such as mobile phones, in its packaging. So we can read from its box whether this phone is easy to repair or not. It seeks in this way to help consumers make a better decision at the time of purchase. It is also intended to reduce the ecological footprint by encouraging the repair of these devices in the face of obsolescence.

Spain follows in the footsteps of France, which already introduced an index of this type last year. The method that will be followed in our country has not yet been mentioned, but it may be similar to that of the French country, where a system is used that scores products from 1 to 10, depending on how easy it is to repair.

Mobile phones in Spain will have a grade according to their repairability index 1

Repairability index in France. Image: Samsung France

In addition, in France it is mandatory to show said repairability index both for the physical product, in its box or packaging, as well as on its website where said product is promoted or displayed. Spain you have not specified yet which products will be those that have to show said index, although it is expected that mobile phones will also be among those products.

An important change on the part of the government, which seeks this way to incentivize the repair of products. Knowing whether or not to repair a damaged smartphone is always a question for users, because they do not know beforehand how complicated it will be. This new system will bring an important change, providing more information.

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