Mobile Legends Bang Bang: Heroes, Ranks and Rewards

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For those who do not know how to play, each team is made up of 5 players. The main objective is to destroy the base of the opposing team, and can be accessed by three roads or rails connecting both bases. Strategy is essential, and you have to plan very well when to attack or defend, depending on where you are in the game.

Best Mobile Legends Heroes: Bang Bang

In Mobile Legends, we can choose from more than 70 heroes, which are classified into six roles different. Each of these have different characteristics to perform a certain task in battle. So in this list we tell you which are the best characters in each role:


Mobile Legends tanks

Their role is basically to protect the team, since they are the ones that can receive the greatest amount of damage. It has great defense and hit point, but it doesn’t deal a lot of damage. Its high durability is generally used to pin the enemy in the center of the battlefield. to block enemies and are in charge of opening fights. They mark the first moments of battles, and can even protect weaker comrades by fighting the most dangerous enemies.

  • Grock– Has a large amount of health and stamina, in addition to dealing a large amount of damage in area. and he is one of the best characters in this category. Its greatest virtue is when we place it around turrets and on the outside of the map.
  • Johnson– As the game progresses and we accumulate items to increase armor, you will improve your skills to last longer on the front line of battle. His ultimate ability allows us to jump with another partner to kill enemies at the same time.
  • Minotaur: This mythological animal is a very useful character that has a great area heal. Through his jump, you will be able to slow down the opponents quickly to get more life. Also, if we manage to apply its ultimate ability you can throw your enemies into the air.


These characters are essential in the development of the game. They are lethal at close range, as they have high offensive and defensive capabilities. It is halfway between a tank and an assassin, so we can use it in many situations in battle. This role is very versatile, and can be used alone to conquer a lane or accompanied to attack the enemy base.

  • Leomord– This character is probably the best in this category for a number of reasons. For starters, it is ideal for fighting alongside a tank, as it is very skilled and deals significant area damage. With it we will be able to help both in attack and defense. If you know how to handle it, you will have half a game in your hand.
  • Chou: It is similar to the previous one, since it is in constant movement and deals a large amount of damage. It is ideal to attack and fall back immediately. Of course, it does not have much resistance, so you must plan a good strategy and wait for the moment to attack.
  • Aldous– As the game progresses, this amazing hero will increase his damage level until he becomes a deadly option. Thanks to his ultimate ability, he can reveal the position of all his enemies for a set time, making it a perfect time to attack.


mobile legends shooters

They play a very important role in battles, as they defeat their enemies at long range. They have a high degree of damage, although it has little mobility and resistance. They are the perfect ally for tanks, and you can destroy enemy towers with ease. Therefore, it is best to stay away from enemies so that at the end of the game they display all their splendor.

  • Claude– Accompanied by his monkey Dexter, he confuses his enemies by creating a second image of himself. On the other hand, his other ultimate ability deals massive area damage that can take out multiple enemies at once.
  • Karrie– Ideal for taking down other enemy shooters and wizards from a distance, especially in the early stages of games. It also executes attacks quickly, making it a good option to do a lot of damage in a short time.
  • Moskov– Like Claude, it is ideal for attacking multiple enemies together. This character is ideal for team fights, as he can easily kill them thanks to his abilities, which boost his speed and damage.


These characters have impressive abilities and a fair amount of magic damage, but their downside is that they don’t have much stamina. They are one of the most important roles of the team, so we must ensure them from the beginning so that they do not become the target of the enemies. They attack very well from afar, and to protect them it is best to position yourself behind more resistant heroes.

  • Lunox– Its main characteristic is that the more you use your skills, the better they will become in the course of battle. He is a rather complicated character to handle, but if you already master the game, he will be lethal from all points of the map.
  • Harith– A great option for both short and long distance use. He is a very skilled hero and can steal the special attacks of opposing magicians. Additionally, his ultimate ability allows him to use your best skills quickly without reloading.
  • Harley: Your attacks will become more powerful with magic power. He can teleport around the map to attack unexpectedly. Of course, it is a tough nut to crack, so you will have to practice a lot to take advantage of its full potential.


killers Mobile Legends

Its objective is basically to kill the enemies thanks to its high burst damage. They are very cunning, skillful, and quick to use in all moments of battle. Therefore, they are experts in positioning on the map, and will take down any enemy stealthily. They are ideal when we are taking our first steps in the game, although they are also more likely to die if we do not position them correctly.

  • Fanny: through its strings it shows all its potential and abilities. It has great mobility to move around the map, as well as dealing a good amount of damage. If he finds a clear path, he will not hesitate to crush his enemies.
  • Selena: This character has two different forms. Therefore, he also possesses two skill sets. A great option to attack up close as well as from a distance. He is capable of trapping enemies thanks to his ultimate ability, so if he catches one of your companions, leave him for dead.
  • Lancelot– A really powerful character, but one that requires a lot of practice and patience to master. It is practically the best option when we are against an enemy head-on. It can do a lot of damage to both a single enemy and several at the same time.


The role of these heroes is to heal and protect their companions in any situation. They are characters who also sacrifice themselves to leave their allies alive. In addition, they allow others to level up faster, and are essential to win in the most delicate moments of the game. Of course, we must not leave them alone at any time, especially on the lanes.

  • Diggie– This character is not a support as such, as his objective is to stun and slow his enemies. It is an all-rounder, since thanks to its powerful abilities we can dominate both attack and defense.
  • Kaja: it has great mobility and strong damage, something unusual to be a support. It’s great for reducing enemy stamina, and it also increases allies’ speed and health.
  • Angela: This endearing heroine is one of the best props in the game. He shields all his teammates quickly, and is capable of increasing the damage of a previously targeted enemy. Like Diggie, it is also a good option for slowing and immobilizing enemies.

Ranks and their rewards


warrior rank

When you start playing, you will be ranked in the first and most basic league in the entire game. We find three different levels, and to go up from one to another you must get 3 star. Keep in mind that you can only play with friends of the same or next rank. When you are in Warrior I, you will need 4 stars to advance to the next rank. The rewards you will receive are a Premium Skin Shard, 100 Bonuses, and 1000 Battle Points.


This range is also divided into three levels, although to go from one to another you will need 4 stars. From here you will have to be careful in the games, since for each defeat you will lose a star if you do not have enough protection points. You can team up with Warrior, Elite, or the next player. The rewards for reaching this rank are 3 shards, 200 bonuses, and 2,000 battle points.


master rank

Unlike the previous two, Maestro has four different levels. We are already in a range in which there will be players with a moderate level of play, so we have to play in a more strategic way. You will be able to play with users of all the previous ranks and of the following one. As for the rewards, you will get an exclusive appearance of the Season, 300 bonuses and 4,000 battle points.

Great master

A range with more experienced players who want to start competing at an amateur level. Here increasing the number of levels, reaching up to four. As you imagine, we will also increase the number of stars reaching up to 5. This is because the difficulty of the game is increasing, so we must have a moderately high level. You will get an exclusive Season appearance, 600 bonuses and 7000 Battle Points.


epic range

Things get complicated, since we will meet high-level players. The levels and stars are the same as above. The big difference with the rest of the ranks is that before the games we will have to go through a draft to choose the heroes. We must choose well, because if they eliminate us, we will not be able to use them again. As in Grandmaster, you will get an exclusive skin, plus 1000 bonuses and 12000 battle points.


To get here you must be an expert player and perfectly control all the mechanics. Enemies are skilled enemies with great practice, so winning a game will become a very difficult task. There is also no variation between the levels and the stars, since if you reach Legend I, you will take the step to the final rank. As a reward you will get an exclusive skin, 1,500 bonuses and 20,000 battle points.


mythical rank

And we get to the highest and most exclusive level in the entire game. There are no levels here, and the ranking method is based on each player’s star rating. If you are able to reach the top, you will get the rank of Mythical Glory, a place reserved for Top 50 users of each server around the world. Lastly, you will receive an exclusive skin, an extra expression, 1,500 bonuses and 20,000 battle points.