Mobile incorporates action characters from the 80s

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The event, called 80’s Action Heroes, incorporates two new world-famous action characters. Nothing more and nothing less than Rambo Y John McClane, two true legends of the action films of the 80s. For those of you who do not know who they are, Rambo is a strong American soldier who was captured by the forces of North Vietnam, and later was taken to a field of prisoners. On the other hand, John McClane is the protagonist of The jungle of crystal, a detective with the New York Police Department.

How to get Rambo and John McClane

rambo cod mobile

Both heroes will be available in Call of Duty titles Warzone, Black Ops: Cold war Y Mobile. In the case of the latter, it is a great novelty for users who play from their device Android. They can be obtained separately, but for this you will have to scratch your pocket. Each package contains weapons, items, emblems and business cards to customize your profile to the maximum. Of course, you must be quick, since they will be for a limited time.

To get them, you must pay 2,400 COD Points Or what is the same, 20 euros. The event incorporates a new game mode gratuitous called Weapons on fire, in which players can become both characters and will have improved health and weapons. On the other hand, the map Verdansk It will also bring news, where we will see the shopping center of Nakatomi from the movie The Glass Board. Rambo will also feature his own tribute from the second part of the film Cornered. There will be 10 camps where you can equip great weapons to get out alive and a CIA post that will try to catch you.

Finally, it will also be available for a limited time Power, a game mode that engages more than 100 operators in squads of different sizes in a battle for the supremacy of the limelight. You must be very careful, since the initial circle of the storm is smaller than in the traditional Battle Royale of this map. In addition, the closing of the circle will have five phases, and you can only escape death by reviving your companions. All this and much is available from the dawn of the May 21th, and if you don’t have the game yet, you can download it from the store Google play.