MIUI 12 will give you a very exhaustive control of the volume of the mobile

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The past month of may presented the global version of MIUI 12, way officialthat would leave us with a number of new features. In these weeks we have seen a number of phones of the chinese brand have been upgraded to this new version of the personalization layer, today reached to 13 phones in a stable manner.

Despite the fact that it is launching currently, there are new features that are introduced in MIUI 12. It is the case with the ROM from china, where it has been possible to now see a new function. This is an assistant or volume controllerthat will allow you to have greater control of the volume of the system and its applications.

MIUI 12 you will control the volume of detail

MIUI 12 will give you a very exhaustive control of the volume of the mobile 1

This new feature is now being tested in the chinese version of MIUI 12. Thanks to it, users will be able to play audio from different sources, such as the feature of the Volume Mixer in Windows. In addition to allow adjust the volume of the various sources that are playing audio at the same time, instead of controlling only the system. Is introduced in the section of Sound and Vibration in the phone settings.

This function will allow having greater control over the volume of the phone, how to make an app whose audio is played in the background non-stop, if you’re using social networks, in addition to being able to control the volume of a notification or of any content that is playing on the phone. Since you will be able to manage the volume of multiple applications open at the same time.

The feature was launched in beta china MIUI 12although it is hoped that soon put at the disposal of users on a global basis. Although by now there are no dates for such a launch, so we’ll have to wait to know more. As other functions up to the moment, not all phones will have access to the same. In this case, it seems that will be the phones with processors Snapdragon 865, 855, 855+, 845, 765 and 765G they are going to have access to the same.

The entry MIUI 12 will give you a very exhaustive control of the volume of the mobile is listed first on The Android Free.