MIUI 12 shows some of his early features

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Xiaomi starts to work already on MIUI 12the new version of its layer of customization, that we can expect are going to launch this year. The brand has been making MIUI 11, with many new products in addition, between their phones these past months. Now stop the development of this version to focus on its new layer, the first developments have been revealed.

It is expected that Xiaomi go to make official MIUI 12 between August and Septemberthe mark was advertised, so we still have a few months until you reach that layer. But the first novelties of this new version of the layer have been revealed, in the own community forums of the brand.

New navigation bar

MIUI 12 shows some of his early features 1

Xiaomi did not implemented the navigation bar that we saw in Android 10 on their phones, or in MIUI 11. Therefore, it seems that the arrival of MIUI 12 will cause a change in this sense, as you can see in this animation. Is going to facilitate the change between the applications you have open sliding from the navigation bar on the phone.

In addition, the transition between animations has also changed. It now presents a better user experience, even though you can see that is still at an initial stage of development, so that these months are going to go in perfecting the same.

It is something similar to what has OPPO Color OS 7 and what we’re talking about a few days ago.

New multi-tasking

MIUI 12 shows some of his early features 2

Multi-tasking is something that is gaining presence in the layers of customization in Android, as we saw last week with EMUI 10.1, and also with the arrival of MIUI 12, we can see an important change in this regard. Xiaomi is going to change the way in which it is shown by these recently opened apps, making the power move from one to the other.

Also the animation when opening and closing apps the phone has been modified slightly. These are changes that are still to Polish, but that are showing the direction that the personalization layer is going to take this year.

Notifications and privacy

MIUI 12 shows some of his early features 3

Xiaomi is going to introduce a system of filtering of notifications smart in MIUI 12. This new system will detect the notifications on the phone and going to stash it in a drawer of notifications special. What is achieved in this way is a better organization of the same, avoiding a saturation of the notification bar.

MIUI 12 is also going to improve the privacy advisorin addition to renew your interface. From now on, will not show a history and will be in addition to a series of settings or options for the applications. The idea is that in this way the layer is more private and secure for users.

Dark mode global

MIUI 12 shows some of his early features 4

The dark mode is still in fashion in Android and MIUI 12 bet for a dark mode globalnot as the there are currently. Since in the mode you are currently, not all applications are obscure, something that will change in this next update. The whole interface is going to be dark in this case.

This dark mode will be programmable, you will have also the possibility of darken also the bottom of the screen if such a fund is clear. In addition to making all applications to pass to be dark, and the phone interface to the full.


The keyboard in MIUI 12 will be updated also with a utility function. Is going to give you a direct access to everything that you’ve copied to the clipboard. In this way, the copy-and-paste texts is going to be something much more fast, simple and efficient. What is not known is if it will work only with the keyboard of the system or if it’s also Mint, which can be downloaded on most Android phones, you will have the same function. In any case, promises to be of utility.

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