MIUI 12.5: all the news and Xiaomi phones that will be updated

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MIUI 12.5: all the news and Xiaomi phones that will be updated

With the arrival of Xiaomi Mi 11 In international territory, the new version of the brand’s custom cape is also deployed outside of China: MIUI 12.5 is ready to empower the Mi 11 and the future smartphones that will be updated with the new software version. We tell you what are the news and the phones that will be updated.

Xiaomi’s own software took an evolutionary leap with the change of MIUI 11 to MIUI 12. Apart from including Android 11 for a large number of phones, the cape evolved in its appearance, introduced a remarkable number of changes and improved your privacy, three of the pillars on which the updates are based. And what about MIUI 12.5? The evolutionary leap is not excessive since it is still an evolution; without this detail leaving aside the improvements, which exist.

Greater privacy and more refined aesthetics

Miui 12.5

The leap made by MIUI 12 in terms of privacy was notorious and remained in line with the evolution of Android 11 itself. Greater control of the permissions granted by the user, monitoring of all accesses made by applications o Virtual ID, an option with which it is possible to ‘fool’ apps with a false device ID. All of this is kept in MIUI 12.5 while overall privacy is reinforced.

Coarse location, clipboard protection, isolation of applications so that they do not access the data of others (sandbox), segmented permissions to differentiate the characteristics of an access, greater protection on the web with the integrated Xiaomi browser and other protections of user privacy so that apps get as little data as possible.

With MIUI 12.5 Xiaomi takes a step forward to add value to its devices, starting with the Xiaomi Mi 11. Personalization increases the possibilities, starting with a greater number of super wallpapers. Also the fluidity and stability of the entire system improves with MIUI 12.5: Xiaomi ensures that this new version of the layer provides 20 times more performance than previous versions; with a lower consumption of resources, up to 25% less energy (always according to Xiaomi). MIUI 12.5 also occupies less on average: up to 20% less.

{“file”: “https://webediaespana.video.content-hub.app/default/video/0a/18/62/5fea0b2e4bd22ffa2f/default-standard-720.mp4”, “image”: “https: // webediaespana.delivery.content-hub.app/image/4f/8e/62/5fea0e553bef075b58/original/mini-xtk-xiaomi-2.jpeg “}

The design of the layer gains in refinement with a more uniform aesthetic throughout the software, both at the level of settings and within the apps included with MIUI 12.5. With reference to the audio, Xiaomi adds sounds to the layer captured directly from nature. Animals, natural spaces … all in stereo and with high audio quality.

Miui 12.5

The interface refines the elements to make interaction with the fingers more comfortable. Also more present: the vibration system integrated in MIUI 12.5 moves different ‘haptic’ sensations depending on what is touched and how (one touch, press and hold …). The sensation transmitted will depend on the quality of the engine integrated in each Xiaomi mobile.

Miui 12.5

Other additions that come with MIUI 12.5 are the integrated tools to create mental maps (mind maps), a drawing app developed to paint with your fingers, an improved text editor and the connection with the PC is enhanced with MIUI +, your service synchronization between Xiaomi phones and Windows computers.

Xiaomi phones that will update to MIUI 12.5

For now, the phones confirmed by Xiaomi to update to MIUI 12.5 make up a small part of the catalog. The following list will begin its update period at the end of the second quarter of 2021:

The news

MIUI 12.5: all the news and Xiaomi phones that will be updated

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