Millions of leaked Gmail passwords: see if you’ve been affected

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Millions of leaked Gmail passwords: see if you've been affected 1

Gmail is the most used email application in Spain and is affected by a massive leak. A security breach has leaked more than 3.27 billion of email addresses and their passwords. The affected apps also include other popular email applications such as Outlook and Hotmail.

As reported by Cybernews, this security breach is a compilation of various previous leaks, which in this case are organized alphabetically and have been made available to hackers in various online forums. So they would have access to a huge amount of data on these email accounts.

Millions of leaked passwords

Passwords filtering

It is estimated that in this leak there are more than 3.27 billion pairs of emails and passwords, thus being the largest leak in this regard so far. The leaked passwords are not necessarily the passwords to access the email, but they can be associated with other platforms or accounts (Netflix, social networks …).

It is a leak that has a huge impact for users and companies, since services such as Gmail and Outlook are very popular in the market. In addition, it is common for users to reuse their passwords in various accounts, which could give them access to a greater amount of data about these users.

To find out if your Gmail or Outlook email address is one of those affected, Cybernews has created one online tool where you can check this. In this link you can access it and you simply have to enter your email address, to see if it is one of those affected. If so, it is recommended to change the password for your email account and other services, in case you use it.

Cybernews check leak

At the moment there are no reports that these leaked accounts and passwords have been used, but it is advisable to be cautious. Check if your email address in Gmail, Outlook or Hotmail is one of those affected by this leak and take measures to protect it if it is. If coming up with passwords for each account is complex, you can use a password manager.

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