Microsoft’s trick so that using the Xbox controller on your mobile is not a nuisance

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The new generation of consoles arrived in Spain last November, and although the available units make it difficult to get hold of one, there are many who can already enjoy a PS5 or an Xbox, either Series X or Series S.

If in this generation you have opted for one of the new Xbox, there is a little trick that can be used so that using the controller on the console and mobile is not an ordeal, and it is easier than it seems.

The new Xbox controller is ready to work on two devices without complications

As a gamer, I recognize that I have a problem with the game controllers. Instead of having a single controller, in the end I end up using several depending on the device I am going to use. Despite the fact that they are all compatible with Bluetooth, this type of control usually has a problem by nature, and is designed to connect only to one device, causing discomfort if you alternate between the console and the mobile.

In its latest consoles, Microsoft has invented a little trick that makes the Xbox controller can be paired with the console and a device very easily, avoiding having to make a new link every time you want to switch between your mobile and the Xbox S / X series.

The trick was shown on Twitter by Microsoft employee Timo Wolf, a trick that had previously appeared on Reddit but never hurts to know. The Xbox controller has a memory to remember its connection with two devices, being able to connect to the console, quickly switch to mobile and return to mobile just as quickly. The process would be as simple as:

  • To switch from console to another Bluetooth device:Press and hold the sync button for 2-3 seconds, until the Xbox logo flashes.
  • To switch from the Bluetooth device to the Xbox:Press the sync button twice fast.

Can I connect it to the PC and mobile using this method? It seems not, since the device change mode is capable of making the quick pairing change between a console and another bluetooth device that is not an Xbox.

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