Microsoft’s password manager now available to everyone

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Microsoft featured password manager

Microsoft Authenticator is an application that many Android users in Spain have installed on their devices. It is an alternative to Google Authenticator, to be able to obtain codes when logging into your accounts. This app continues to expand its services with its own password manager, which is also cross-platform (Windows, Android, iOS and macOS).

In December 2020, this Microsoft password manager, called Autofill, was launched within the Authenticator app. It did it at that time in beta form, but now it is available in a stable form and with a series of new features already available to users on Android.

Microsoft’s password manager comes to Android

Microsoft Autofill passwords

Autofill will sync the passwords with the Microsoft account that we use. This synchronization will also take place between all types of devices, allowing their synchronization between mobiles and desktop. In this way, the aim is to help us move between devices in a much more comfortable way at all times.

The password manager also provides a common function in this type of tool, such as the possibility of autocomplete keys, so that we do not have to remember each of our passwords when logging into an account. This function must be activated beforehand, to be able to use it later.

Microsoft Autofill

Additionally, Microsoft’s Autofill is capable of storing all kinds of passwords. Not only will you be able to store those passwords that are used when logging in to an account, but any password that we need to be stored in this tool can be stored. This helps make it a much more versatile option for users.

Those users who wish to be able to use this new Microsoft password manager they can do it now. For this, it is only necessary to install Authenticator on the device, also possible in Google Chrome thanks to an extension, which is already available in the browser store. The app for Android phones can be downloaded from the Play Store and inside we already find Autofill.

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