Microsoft today unveils the new Windows 11

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The appointment is at 5 pm (local time) in streaming. Many rumors circulated: the new operating system should be much “easier to use”

Now there is very little left. At 5:00 p.m. today, Thursday, June 24, Microsoft will present the new Windows 11, during a broadcast event hosted by CEO Satya Nadella.

Looking forward to officially discovering the new era of the operating system Microsoft, there are several rumors published in recent weeks. There are also those who argue that the company will introduce a new store, thus expanding the opportunities for developers to monetize with their work. The certainty, in Nadella’s words, is that Windows 11 “will contain the most significant updates in the last ten years.”

What do we know about the new Windows 11?

As announced by the CEO, the behind-the-scenes work was mainly focused on the visual redesign of the user interface, to make Windows easier to use and higher performance. Also, as has been leaked, there should be new icons, with the relative removal of existing ones since the arrival of Windows 95. Among other novelties:

  • geometric corners will make room for more rounded shapes
  • The Start menu has been redesigned to display more useful information over time.
  • A new expanded Windows application store is planned, where developers will be able to submit any type of application for Windows, including browsers such as Chrome or Firefox, previously excluded.

According to experts, this reconfiguration could return a scenario similar to that affecting the application stores for smartphones, App Store and Play Store, where the presence of a program certifies, at least in part, its security and the absence of malware and virus.