Microsoft releases Build 22463 for Windows 11 on the Dev Channel and finally fixes the displaced icons on the taskbar

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Microsoft releases Build 22463 for Windows 11 on the Dev Channel and finally fixes the displaced icons on the taskbar

Like every week, we already have among us a new update for Windows 11, this time in the Dev Channel within the Insider Program. This is Build 22463 that Microsoft has just released and that already stands out from the improvements that will come with Windows 11 when it is released on October 5.

This time the update comes with an important improvement or correction at the aesthetic level and that is the taskbar icons are finally centered again after two weeks ago, the result of a Build, they appeared displaced and cut out. For the rest, there are different improvements that we will now review.

Improvements and fixes

Build 2

Misaligned icons

  • The Microsoft PowerToys They are now available in the Microsoft Store on Windows 11.
  • When a file or folder has been selected in File Explorer, the CTRL + Shift + C key combination can now be used to copy the path to the clipboard.
  • Fixed the issue where the icons would appear misaligned or cut on the taskbar.

  • Pop-up windows are rounded displayed when clicking “identify screens” in

  • Added some feedback-based contrast theme color adjustments, including making hyperlinks a bit more distinct when hovering when using the desert theme.
  • Added an icon next to the volume slider in Quick Settings to help make the option to manage the audio terminals more visible.
  • Updated the Windows Accessibility folder in the list of all Startup apps so that it is now simply called Accessibility.
  • An option has been added to the configuration of Concentration assistant Focus Assist so that you can choose whether or not you want Focus Assist to be automatically enabled for the first hour after a Windows feature update.
  • The system now reappears as an option when you right-click the Start button (WIN + X).
  • Fixed an issue that caused Narrator to not be able to focus on headings Start sometimes with the touch.
  • Fixed an issue where when installing a large number of applications, the Start menu could get stuck with no application icons (only the application name) appearing after a DPI change.
  • If the “Always show scroll bars” accessibility option is enabled, switching to the All Apps list will no longer cause the scroll bar to slip outside the window boundaries during transition animation.
  • Pressing the down arrow after opening Home, you will now navigate to the pinned apps section instead of jumping to your username.
  • The text in the taskbar preview will now follow the Accessibility settings to increase the size of the text.
  • Notification count badge has been adjusted for the notification center to fix an issue where some of the numbers were not centered in the circle.
  • Fixed an issue where the Chat side menu would not turn off the first time it was opened.
  • The reliability of explorer.exe has been improved when the taskbar is applied on multiple monitors.
  • Secondary monitor search is working again.

{“videoId”: “x827oo9”, “autoplay”: true, “title”: “WINDOWS 11 IS OFFICIAL !: ALL about the NEW MICROSOFT OPERATING SYSTEM in 4 MINUTES”}

  • Fixes an issue that could cause File Explorer to crash when performing a search.
  • By pressing F1 in File Explorer, now a Windows 11 help search will open and not Windows 10.
  • A change has been made to address an issue where items in the View, Sort By, and Group By submenus on the context menu were not displaying a check mark to show that they were selected.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the mouse pointer position in WDAG to be incorrect when the monitor was in portrait mode.
  • Text predictions (for both touch keyboard and hardware keyboard) should be working again now in this build in English and some other languages ​​where it was crashing.
  • Fixed an issue when using the older version of the Korean IME where when typing in certain applications, the application would not receive the Shift Key Up event.
  • Fixed an issue that caused blur the edges of the touch keyboard keys in certain cases.
  • Fixed an issue where the touch keyboard would hang in certain cases when changing the base mode while the voice typing UI was visible.
  • Duplicate Sharing entry removed close on the Focus Assist priority list.
  • Addresses an issue that caused a repeating message to reset to default settings when the “Automatically optimize new drives” option was unchecked in Optimize drives.
  • If WIN + P is pressed, the current projection mode will now have initial keyboard focus instead of always being first in the list.
  • Trying to switch desktops (eg using keyboard shortcuts) when there is only one should no longer make the foreground focus disappear.
  • Fixed an issue where the Snapshot Layout drop-down menu would start to flicker when invoked at certain locations on the screen.
  • The Move to option when right-clicking on a window thumbnail in Task View is now aligned with the other context menu entries.
  • Windows Sandbox should now start on this build after failures in previous builds
  • Fixed issue that caused both WSL2 and Hyper-V to not work on ARM64 PCs like Surface Pro X in older versions of Dev Channel.

Windows 11

  • Fixed an issue that caused some PCs to check for errors with the DRIVER_PNP_WATCHDOG error when trying to update to a recent build.
  • Addresses an issue that caused some Surface Pro Xs to check for errors with WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR.
  • Fixed an issue where the autorun registry entry for the command prompt would work if / k was used.
  • Fixed an issue where not being able to parse a certain firewall rule would result in all the rules following that rule not being migrated on upgrade.
  • Fixed an issue where the Quick Assistance window might be small and it was not possible to resize it.
  • Fixes an issue for some users where clicking the login button in Quick Support would open a blank browser window and they would not be able to continue to login.
  • Fixed an issue with certain menus / context menus that caused a visual issue with the shadow on first launch.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some PCs will sometimes check errors with INTERNAL_POWER_ERROR when they came out of hibernation.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented some PCs from advancing past the splash screen when upgrading to 224xx builds with certain SSDs attached.

Known issues


  • Mobile device managed (MDM) teams will not receive this build. There is an issue in this build that prevents PCs from successfully updating to this build. We hope to fix this problem on the next flight.
  • Users who upgrade builds, or earlier, to newer Dev Channel builds using the latest Dev Channel ISO, may receive the following warning message: “The build you are trying to install has Flight Signed.
  • In some cases, text may not be able to be entered when using Search from startup or taskbar. If the problem is experienced, press WIN + R on the keyboard to open the Run dialog box, then close it.
  • Taskbar will sometimes flicker when changing input methods.
  • After clicking the search icon on the taskbar, the search panel may not open. If this happens, you have to restart the “Windows Explorer” process and reopen the search panel.
  • The search panel may appear black and not display any content below the search box.
  • Right-clicking files in OneDrive locations in File Explorer will cause the context menu to close unexpectedly when hovering over entries that open submenus, such as “Open with”.
  • When you double-click a network folder to open it, it will fixate on Quick Access instead of opening it. To open a network folder until we launch a compilation with a solution, you have to right-click on the folder and select “Open” from the context menu.
  • The widget dashboard may appear empty. To fix the problem, you can log out and log back in.
  • Widgets may be displaying the wrong size on external monitors. If you come across this, you can launch the widgets via touch or WIN + W shortcut on your real PC screen first and then launch them on your secondary monitors.
  • They continue to work to improve the relevance of the search in the Store.

If you belong to the Dev Channel within the Insider Program with Windows 11, you can download the update by going the usual route, that is, “Settings> Update and Security> Windows Update”.

Via | Microsoft

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Microsoft releases Build 22463 for Windows 11 on the Dev Channel and finally fixes the displaced icons on the taskbar

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Microsoft releases Build 22463 for Windows 11 on the Dev Channel and finally fixes the displaced icons on the taskbar 1

Microsoft releases Build 22463 for Windows 11 on the Dev Channel and finally fixes the displaced icons on the taskbar 2