Microsoft Launcher is updated with improvements for Surface Duo

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microsoft launcher

Many Android users in Spain use some type of launcher on their mobile, with Microsoft Launcher as a popular option. These months various improvements have been made to this launcher through various updates. It is the turn of a new update, where we find improvements designed especially for the Surface Duo.

As you already know, the Surface Duo is the ambitious dual-screen device from Microsoft. Although availability is still somewhat limited in some countries, Microsoft Launcher is now updated to work better on this Surface Duo with a number of new features.

Microsoft Launcher is updated

Microsoft Launcher is updated with improvements for Surface Duo 1

Microsoft Launcher version 6.2.201102.92686 It is already launched in the Play Store and it is in this version where we find a series of new functions in the application. There are several novelties, although a large part of them are oriented to Microsoft’s Surface Duo, as we have mentioned. There are also improvements in the launcher itself, as well as better integration with certain applications, such as Office.

  • Improvements in opening the feed page horizontally and simultaneously with another application on Surface Duo.
  • Single-screen Surface Duo support.
  • Support for screen time on Surface Duo.
  • Improved application group creation flow through the context menu.
  • Keyword search support is introduced in Office applications.
  • Multi-touch support is given to repositioning icons on the home screen.
  • Improvements to the spacing and consistency of icons in the app drawer.
  • Fixed known bugs in app drawer, app icon size, gesture of swiping folder to
  • above

This update of Microsoft Launcher coincides with the announcement of the American firm of expand the availability of the Surface Duo. Until now it was available in the United States, but in the first months of 2021 it will reach countries such as Germany, France, the United Kingdom or Canada. It is not yet known when it will go on sale in Spain.

The Microsoft Launcher entry is updated with improvements for Surface Duo appears first in The Free Android.