Microsoft Defender comes to Android

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Table of Contents

Microsoft Defender comes to Android 1

In February this year confirmed that Microsoft was going to to launch his well-known antivirus in Android along this year. A launch that becomes a reality now with the launch of Microsoft Defender ATP to Android, but is released in a previous version, in the absence of the release of the stable version.

Microsoft Defender ATP is a security platform for businesses. This platform provides businesses a number of advanced tools to protect themselves. Since that will allow them to detect, prevent and respond to various types of threats, in addition it can be used on a variety of platforms, now available for Android.

Microsoft Defender is launched on Android for business

Microsoft Defender comes to Android 2

Microsoft Defender ATP is a security tool for enterprises, which was already available on other platforms, but that now made its entry into Android. In fact, companies that use this solution, you can begin to use it also on Android following a series of instructions that Microsoft itself has published. So will be able to activate those functions they want from this solution and start to use it.

What features offered by this first preview version? Microsoft introduces the main features of your tool security in this version for phones, for which companies already have such protection available in the mobile devices of their employees. These are the functions that gives us:

  • Protection against phishing.
  • Blocking and page protection, and malicious applications.
  • Restrict access to corporate data on devices of risk.
  • Control from a centralized dashboard.
  • Protection against connections unsafe.
  • Analysis of files.
  • Cloud-based protection based on deep learning.

Microsoft Defender comes to Android 3

When you use the Microsoft Defender ATP in Android, users are advised to turn off any other security tool you have activated on your phone, including Google Play Protect. Since this application will be in charge of the search for threats on the phone, both between the applications that you have installed, as well as in their files. So the device will remain protected at all times.

This first preview version is exclusive for business customers. It is not known when will Microsoft Defender for end-users in Android, so I look forward to more news from Microsoft about it.

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