Metro Exodus game mode and more skins

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Table of Contents

It didn’t take long for Tencent to now leave us with a new game update, which is now getting version 1.1. officially. In this version they leave us with a series of novelties, especially focused on the new Metro Royale mode.


New ‘Metro Royale’ mode

Obviously we have more news that will not remain in the pipeline and that we will discuss later. However, there should be no doubts about the central aspect on which this update pivots, and it is the arrival of a new game mode from the hand of Metro Exodus. In fact, Tencent has added it as a tagline to the name of PUBG Mobile.

Few introductions need this game, which is the latest release in the popular Metro saga. As many already know, these games are based on a Horror-themed FPS gameplay and survival, which creates a perfect combo for the post-apocalyptic era he’s always trying to represent.

pubg mobile season 16 metro royale

What Tencent has done is knock on the door of the Metro Exodus studios to launch a game mode based on the title. In this way, we find a way where they are going to introduce a series of monsters Metro Royale series specials in PUBG Mobile. In addition to this, there are a couple of new unique maps that are based on Erangel, where we find ruins, bandit camp or trenches, among others. As expected, this collaboration will not be permanent, being temporarily available.

What’s New in PUBG Mobile with Season 16

The game also introduces a number of new equipment, which users will be able to use. Among them we find a new thermal sight, a new Tikhar rifle, a new heavy armor for greater protection or some new night vision goggles. These will be weapons with which to face the new challenges in the game.

pubg mobile season 16 skins

As is already normal in the development of Tencent, a large update usually also brings many customizable elements. This results in the arrival of various skins, perfect for the occasion since they are related to the characters of the survival game. In this way, the outfits that we can find are those of Colonel Miller or even a more casual outfit also from Miller, among many others. However, to unlock these items is required to adhere to the Season 16 Royale Pass.