Meet Armed Heist, a carbon copy of Payday 2

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East shooter on third person, created by the company SOZAP AB, first saw the light in August 2018, although it was only available for computers. Its playability was very well received by lovers of this type of game, so they decided to release it two years later for mobile phones. In January 2021 it reached the devices Android, and in its few months of life it has also met the expectations of the most demanding users. In fact, it already has more than 20 million users in the store Google play.

Armed Heist, what is special about it and what copy of Payday 2?

According to the creator himself, it is the most exciting third-person shooter game of the moment. The truth is that it reminds us a lot of a title with very similar mechanics, called Payday 2, one of the most famous first person shooter games of recent years. Be that as it may and returning to Armed Heist, you will put yourself in the shoes of a thief of banks and armored trucks that are not afraid of death. Your goal is to escape the policeman to take the loot and escape unscathed, for which you will have to show your skills at all times.

As we say, you will be a ruthless criminal whose only objective is to make as much money as possible, for which you will have to kill everyone who stands in your way. You must be very skilled and test your reflexes to dodge the police bullets, and in each bank you will have them waiting to stop you. You will participate in more than 70 shootouts or challenges at great risk, endangering your life at all times. Of course, if you manage to escape the rewards will be very succulent, for which you must shoot before the others if you do not want to end up dead.

It has a very complete custom weapon system. You can choose from more than 30 weapons different, including pistols, shotguns, assault rifles and sniper rifles. Among all this arsenal, you can create the most deadly weapons thanks to the large number of accessories that are available. You can modify them by adding sights of all kinds, silencers, grips and many more, as well as different designs and camouflages. These will directly influence the performance of the weapon, so you must select them according to your style of play.

When we are about to carry out a robbery, you will be able to consult all the banks that are available in your interactive map. Here you can see those that have little security, as well as the most unprotected armored trucks. It has a database very complete with the weak points of each building, the best shortcuts and plans to plan the blow in the safest and most effective way. You must bear in mind that the scenarios are different in each challenge, so you will have to think about your movements well and apply your skills at the right time and place. This also guarantees us a very complete gaming experience that will not become monotonous at any time.

On the other hand, you can also customize your character to your liking. As you overcome the challenges, you will unlock a lot of skins, bulletproof vests, masks and many more accessories to give your character a different look in each hit. This is one of the highlights of Armed Heist, as you can become a killer clown, a special forces agent to mislead the police, or just a thug who wants to raze everything.

A millionaire shooting, robbery and robbery game, but is it fun?

armed heist third person

The answer to the question of whether Armed Heist is a fun game is pretty straightforward: Yes. Before immersing yourself in this exciting experience, you must complete a tutorial that does not have much difficulty. You will start inside a small jewelry store and you will already have all the police behind you. In the initial screen, your objectives will be to kill several agents and escape. As you eliminate police officers, you will get closer to the exit of the store. Then, an armored truck will arrive that will allow you to escape, and you will automatically obtain the rewards according to the mission.

As you progress, you will unlock missions and challenges, being able to choose, as we have already said, among more than 70 different ones. This is also important, since these will get more complicated as you complete them. You can start with small jewelers and luxury stores to become a master of robbery in the largest banks in the city.

In the latest updates to the game, they added three very exciting new maps to improve the user experience and give more possibilities. It must be said that they are constantly working on improvements and new functions to bring more fun to the players, and in fact they have also added a multiplayer mode. Now, you can organize the biggest heists with your friends and become the biggest thieves in history.

As for the graphics of the game, these are also quite similar to those of Payday 2, although the difference is that the latter is in the first person. Armed Heist has high-quality 3D images, and its third-person system will make us believe that we are robbing banks. In addition, it has a sound system with surround music that will make you immerse yourself in robberies to the maximum. If to all this we add that it has a simple but very exciting gameplay at the same time, they make it a highly recommended option in shooting games. Of course, you have the last word, and to check it, all you have to do is go to Google Play and start enjoying this title.