MediaTek is discovered to be cheating when you least need it

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MediaTek is discovered to be cheating when you least need it 1

In the last hours has shown that MediaTek has been applying a protocol so that the processors get the best performance possible when you are in performance testing, something that is commonly known as cheating in benchmarks. A few accusations that MediaTek has not only recognized to do, but it has also been advocated as an advantage.

MediaTek is caught cheating on performance tests

One of the reasons for that in The Android Free we tend to ignore in large measure the testing performance (in some analyses we included, but we prefer not to do so) is that to day of today, the pitfalls in performance testing is a common practice in which we do not believe.

The objective of a performance test, from our point of view, is to give an idea of the performance that will have a device in the real world. For the industry, however, is an opportunity to show what maximum that is able to offer a smartphone. What we saw with Samsung a few years ago, with manufacturers such as OnePlus and now this practice comes to chip manufacturers such as is the case of MediaTek.

MediaTek is discovered to be cheating when you least need it 2Source: AnandTech.

AnandTech has been looking to fund several mobile phones with processors MediaTek, reaching some results higher than they should offer. Far from being practice offered by Xiaomi, Oppo, Sony and Live, is the manufacturer of processors which would have applied these tests to their processors.

Cheating on tests was not necessary. Already, months ago, when we tested the Redmi Note 8 Pro, we were impressed by the performance and fluidity of the device without taking into account any performance test, but in the experience of using the neutral.

Official response from the manufacturer of processors

“MediaTek continues to industry standards accepted and have confidence that the test performance represent accurately the capabilities of our processors. We work closely with manufacturers when they test our processors, but lately the brands have the flexibility of configuring their own devices. Some companies are designing devices to operate at a maximum performance level on the benchmark to show the maximum capacity of the chip.

Of course, in real-world scenarios there are a multitude of factors that determine how a processor. Processors from MediaTek are designed to optimize energy and performance to deliver the best user experience possible while maximizing battery life. If someone uses a program of performance intensive (like a video game powerful) chip that intelligently adapt to the patterns to provide a sustained yield. This means that the user will be able to see different levels of performance in different applications while the processor changes the performance dynamically.

We believe that to show the maximum features of the processor in the performance tests is in the line of other companies and gives consumers an accurate picture of the performance of the device.”

The entrance to MediaTek is discovered to be cheating when you least need it first appears on The Android Free.