measure distances and objects on Android

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Over time, we have made our mobile devices the center of our lives. This is so, in part, because every time they allow to do more things. Now, we can even use a phone to measure distances and objects. Do you want to know how? We’ll tell you then.

Measure almost anything with Android

To prepare this guide we have used three applications that we invite you to download safely from our servers. We refer to AR Ruler, 3D Plummet and Ruler App. Regarding the first one, it is necessary that your device has compatibility with AR Core, the augmented reality system that Google includes in Android. You should know that not all devices are compatible with it.

Measure objects

To measure objects we will use AR Ruler. Once installed on your device, open it up and start a new measurement project. As you are looking to measure an object, stand in front of it and focus the camera towards one of its ends. Add a point with the bottom center button.

Add a point in the object measurementAdd a point in the object measurement

Complete the entire outline of the object until you have all the measurements. If you want to open the settings panel, click on the gear icon.

Open AR Ruler SettingsOpen AR Ruler Settings

From there, you can change the units, set a timer to record the measurement process, and activate object recognition.

AR Ruler SettingsAR Ruler Settings

Then store and share the measurements using the two buttons in the lower left corner.

Share resultsShare results

It is possible to do it in both an image file and a video file.

Measure distances

Distance measurement is done in much the same way as for objects. In this case, we also recommend that you use AR Ruler. Again, add a start node with the bottom button and move the phone to the end point of the measurement. You will immediately see the result on the screen in the unit you have selected in the settings.

Measure distances with AR RulerMeasure distances with AR Ruler

Again, share or save the results in video or image.

Measure and align

If what you are looking for is to measure and align with your mobile, the solution is to use 3D Plummet. In this case, after pressing Start, the application will show you the images captured by the camera and a series of superimposed data. By using the accelerometer, this software will allow you to find out if a surface is correctly leveled.

Leveling chartLeveling chart

You will also be able to see the size of the leveling box to take measurements.

Other measurement dataOther measurement data

If you want to save the results, just click on the camera button.

Save the resultsSave the results

In this way, you can store the measurement in an image file.

Turn mobile into a ruler

Finally, we tell you one of the simplest solutions when taking measurements with your device. Thanks to the Ruler App, you can turn your phone screen into a full-scale ruler. After pressing the button Ruler, select whether you want a single or two-way rule.

Select type of ruleSelect type of rule

The appearance of the ruler will be like the one you see in the following image.

Ruler appearance on screenRuler appearance on screen

Once the ruler is activated on the screen, place your device next to an object to know its exact measurements. Keep in mind that the maximum distance shown will depend on the size of your screen.

As you can see, your Android mobile can be your best resource to perform measurements of all kinds. Download these apps and you will have almost unlimited resources for this type of task.