Maximum security: prevent Windows from automatically connecting to WiFi

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avoid automatic Wi-Fi configuration

One of the things you can thank Windows for is that it tries to make things easier for you. For this reason, there are many tasks that are performed automatically when you start the computer, such as the fact that connect to a WiFi network. This is very practical because you ignore doing it yourself, however, you may prefer that it not be so because, although practical, it may not be recommended and sometimes even dangerous.

For this reason, you are probably now looking for how to deactivate that WiFi networks are automatically activated. It is much easier than you can imagine, and we will tell you about it.

Why avoid it? Dangers and risks

When the WiFi is automatically activated, save all connections to which we connect to be able to reuse those that are within your reach. Thus, your computer will connect by default to those that are within it to always guarantee the best connectivity.

Something that apparently is very good, and practical in your house, it is not so much if it is connected to public networks. These can become insecure and even dangerous because you cannot know who is connecting to them or how the traffic that passes through the router is treated, among other data relevant to the security of your computer and the data that is on it. You will not have security guarantees on your computer, they could spy on your connections, steal your data or infect your computer.

For this reason, connecting to a network at your fingertips automatically can be a danger to your safety. It is only moderately safe if it is about private networks that you know, such as your home, mobile devices and even a very trusted family member or neighbor. Nothing is completely secure, so it can also be interesting not to have a connection when you don’t need it.

How to avoid connection

If you have decided that the safest thing to do is to prevent Windows from connecting automatically, something recommended if you connect from other places besides your own home, we are going to give you some tips to know how avoid WiFi connection and that you can navigate with greater security, deciding when and where you connect.

There are several ways to configure WiFi connections, so we will tell you step by step how to do it easily in each of them. Doing so will be very easy and you can do it in a few minutes.

From settings

You can get to the configuration of WiFi networks in different ways. If you give the icon Windows, at the bottom left of your screen. If you enter the word in the search engine “setting” It will appear, you will see the image of a thread that is the one of the configuration. You can also do it by right clicking on the wifi icon at the bottom right of your computer.

configuration windows 10

From settings, you have to choose the option Network and Internet. With it you can connect not only WiFi but also VPN and airplane mode.

network and internet wifi

After selecting this option, you will appear in a new screen where you will see different internet configuration options, the status of your network, the ability to access properties, available networks, advanced settings and much more.

go to wifi

You have to go to WiFi, which appears on the left side of the screen. From there you will access a new panel where the network will appear WiFi enabled and what it is, plus other options. You just have to click on the blue bar that puts it on to change the option to off.

disable wifi network

Once there, you can select the option to activate WiFi manually, within an hour, within four hours or within a day. Activate the manual option.

From the control panel

Much of the basic configuration actions are also found in the control panel, as is this case. Therefore, we are going to tell you how to do it from it.

You just have to go to control panel and search there Internet network. There you have to select Center network and sharing. You will change the configuration of the adapter to see and you give it to the specific network.

control Panel

If you go to connect or disconnect you will be able to see all the connection details and remove the option to connect automatically when this network is within range. Instead of this option you can go to state, wireless properties and remove the option to connect automatically when this network is within range.

From command prompt

The Command Prompt is another way to avoid automatic connections. You just have to go to the start menu and command prompt. You must run as administrator. At the command prompt, you must indicate the command “netsh wlan show profiles”

wifi system symbol

You have to change the “WiFi name” by the specific name. It would be «netsh wlan set profileparameter name =» WiFi name »connectionmode = manual». Accepting the command, a message will appear saying that it has been executed correctly. The command will be successful, and you will receive a message indicating that you have just executed it accordingly. Now, the connection will be manual and not automatic.

If you also want to change the priority so that the priority connection is a secure network for you, like the one at home, you have to write netsh wlan set profileparameter name = »WiFi name» connectionmode = auto (where WiFi name is the name of the network preferably).

Known networks

To prevent your computer from automatically activating to one or more known networks, you have the option of preventing it from automatically connecting to all networks or clear known network. To do this, you only have to access the available networks. If you click the left button on the WiFi icon, all of them will appear.

You just have to choose one and click the right button to activate the “stop remembering” option. This way, the network will disappear and you will only be able to connect if you put your data back.

stop remembering red

You can also go to settings, WiFi, manage known networks and select the ones you want to delete to stop remembering.

Other WiFi settings

In addition to activating or deactivating automatic connections by default, or doing it in a known network that does not interest you, you can access other WiFi settings of your interest by means of which you adapt the connectivity of your computer to your specific needs.

Therefore, we are going to mention some possibilities to configure your computer according to your requirements with a few simple steps that are very easy to carry out. Thus, you can deactivate automatic connections for as long as you want, know the available networks, limit data use and even activate airplane mode to quickly run out of data when you demand it.

Temporarily disable automatic connection

If you only want to deactivate the connection automatically temporarily, for example, if you are going to leave home or are only interested in that specific moment, you can do it easily. In the setting, you will have to follow all the steps mentioned above until the end. There, instead of the manual option, you can choose between 1 hour, 4 hours or a day. You can also leave it manual if you want to decide when to turn it back on automatically.

Maximum security: prevent Windows from automatically connecting to WiFi 1

Show available networks

In the same configuration that you can access from the section itself, you will be able to see the available networks. In the status screen, under the connected networks you can give to show available networks. From the WiFi icon, you just have to press the right mouse to see what there are. Besides seeing them, you can “forget” them or configure them according to your requirements.

This is especially interesting to know which are the networks that your computer can connect to today, but also for many other basic functions and to keep your computer safe.

Limit data usage

If you go to the configuration, WiFi, manage known networks, choose the network and click on properties. There you can choose to automatically connect when in range, but you can also activate the data limit. You just have to give to metered-use connection. You can activate it.

wifi data usage

In the network state, you can give data use. From there, you can specify the limit. It can be once, monthly or without limit.

Airplane mode

With airplane mode, you can stop all wireless communications, such as WiFi, Bluetooth and the mobile phone network. If you want to quickly disconnect the internet temporarily or permanently, you just have to use this mode. You can get to it from settings, or you may have a quick access button on your keyboard.

wifi airplane mode

In addition to activating or deactivating, you can have the option to deactivate the WiFi from that same mode, in the wireless devices section of the airplane mode.

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