MarinDeck: the app that brings the TweetDeck experience to Android

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Featured MarinDeck

TweetDeck is a Twitter client that many users in Spain surely know. Years ago, Twitter abandoned the Android version of this client, to focus on the desktop version. The great advantage of this client was its columnar design, which allowed a more comfortable and efficient use. For those who miss it, MarinDeck brings this experience back to Android.

MarinDeck is a good alternative to TweetDeck, in this case in the form of an Android application. This Customer brings TweetDeck design and experience to the phone, in order to make better use of the social network. In addition, we find the original functions of this client in this app.

Get a TweetDeck experience on your Android mobile

MarinDeck foor TweetDeck

MarinDeck is a Twitter client that seeks to bring the experience of the web version of TweetDeck to your Android phone. In this app we find all the advantages that we already know in TweetDeck, but with additional functions that we have in TweetDeck. We will only have to log into our Twitter account to start using it normally on the phone and have access to all user functions.

Column design is present in this case, allowing us to move between columns by sliding. Also, we can create columns with the details that we want to follow. It is possible to follow hashtags, lists, users search terms or more. The application will keep this data updated in real time in each column, so it will be easy to follow what happens with these terms at any time.

MarinDeck create columns

In addition to the already known features of the desktop version, MarinDeck foor TweetDeck has a dark mode that integrates into the system without any problem. Those for whom the dark mode is more comfortable, this app allows you to use it. It also allows you to customize aspects such as the size of the letter, so that it fits your needs.

MarinDeck settings and customization

The app is originally released in Japanese, but its entire interface has been translated into English. It is not available in Spanish and it is not known if it will be translated into more languages ​​in the future, but it is easy to understand, so it will not be difficult to understand this app.

How to download MarinDeck for TweetDeck on Android

MarinDeck for TweetDeck can be downloaded from the Play Store for free. There are no purchases or advertisements inside, as in the original service. You will only have to log in to your Twitter account to be able to use it on your Android phone.

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