Map The Airship with all tasks and rooms

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It is a conceptual change to what we previously knew about this game, with much more closed and limited maps, as well as a variety of tasks that could be quite improved. This new map features a new cast of missions, an immense setting, and in-game surprises to make it more random than before. That is why we are going to decipher everything that Airship entails.

Among us
Among us

A map to reengage with Among Us

It is the best excuse to return to Among Us if at some point you had stopped playing, or to start if you are new to this title. As a setting, The Airship is huge and very detailed. And that he joins the Innersloth game for free is quite a claim. An addition that feels like a full-blown expansion.

And what’s better: The Airship makes us return to the starting square as players. To those games in which we did not know the name of the room we left behind, but we were not sure what we will find in the one right in front of it. Returning to the feeling of danger when entering a seemingly empty room.

The impostor infiltrated in the aerial debacle of The Airship it’s back at the top of the food chain. He completely resumes his role as a wolf before a herd of lambs much more vulnerable and confused than usual. And of course, watching others suspect and react, knowing that their fears are fully founded, is part of the fun.

Moreover, precisely in that feeling of constant discovery It is where this new map shines the most: in addition to the system of gears and motors that will inevitably be sabotaged, we can find new leisure rooms, stairs, platforms and even a billiard room.

We also knew beforehand that now, unlike the other maps, you could choose the starting room. In addition to this adding a wow factor to the game, it is a matter of practicality: actually it’s a very big map and it takes a long time to get from the Boardroom to, for example, the Electricity room.

New to The Airship

Next, we show you the map from a crewman’s point of view with a brief description of all the new tasks:

  • Calibrate the distributor: The most difficult task of all (taking into account that they are all easy). Here you have to match the three wheels that rotate in position so that they are aligned.
  • Reset Switches: There are seven numbered switches in a room, and you will have to reactivate them in ascending order, from 1 to 7. Each session the numbers change, so don’t memorize anything.
  • Fix the Wiring: You already know it, join a broken wire with another broken wire of the same color. Easy-peasy.
  • Divert Energy: This is one that you must meet in multiple rooms. You extract energy from one device to redistribute it to others.
  • Take out the trash: The manual version of throwing garbage into space in The Skeld. Take the bag and take it out of the jar. Easy right? Now go and do it at home too. Come on, help a little.
  • Enter ID: This is one that everyone knows: you just have to put the password correctly.
  • Download: Again you have to transfer files from one folder to another. It is easy, but time consuming. So look over your shoulder… no, don’t, because that interrupts the task.
  • Accommodate Guns: In the armory you must take four pistols and then put them (well and in a good way) in their place, a few steps from where you took them. I wish you could take one to defend yourself from the impostor.
  • Accommodate Rifles: The same, but with two rifles.
  • Classify Records: If Diverting Power was an annoying task, sorting records is worse. You have to take the folder in the center of the Meeting Room and distribute it in the different rooms where they go … at least there are the little yellow arrows that tell you where.
  • Load: Same as ‘Download’ but… well, you know. Now we know why they are called ‘Innersloth’.
  • Back Ribbons: This is actually quite fun. In a cassette player you must return the tape and leave it at the exact time indicated on the post-it. That’s right, kids: we used to listen to music on those devices.
  • Start Fans: You will be given a four symbol code. Memorize it. A few steps later you will have to introduce it so that the air begins to run through the plane.
  • Motor Gasoline: Another now classic: take the gasoline can to recharge the engines. There is not much problem with this.
  • Open the Lock: Another of the new tasks, and somewhat complex. We must manage to place the security combination of the note that is given to us, arranging the marker as indicated under each number.
  • Polish the Ruby: It is not a double meaning, you must polish a precious gem… whose plane is this and why is it carrying weapons and a ruby?
  • Dressing the Mannequin: Another pretty fun new assignment too. You must dress a mannequin with the same clothes as the example image they give you… but why is there also a mannequin? What is this ship made of?
  • Avoid Collision Course: The version of “Reactor Fusion” on the Plane … the Deceiver has sabotaged the ship that is about to crash. Players will only have 90 seconds to enter two numeric codes (separately) and prevent the plane from crashing. Pretty dangerous.